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A miami state of mind

Yeah, yeah Ayo, Ex girlfriend, it's time. It's time, Ex girlfriend (aight, Ex girlfriend, begin). Straight out the strong dungeons of rap. The Money drops deep as does my tail. I never walk, 'cause to walk is the Mum of entail. Beyond the walls of wood shavings, life i...

Listed by Sad JR 2 years ago
The dirt road

The dirt road Driving around this old dirt road once again man this ole road we’ve been through some shit. I wonder what it say back. It say hey ole son I’ve you cry and that’s alright. Saw you going a little to fast and going slow Hey buddy I just want you know I’ll...

Listed by Bailey williams 1 year ago
Watching the Wind Go By

A thousand shards of universe are flooding in my ears So many skies are falling I don't know where to send my tears And more shards keep on coming, the world is crumbling through the years And we are falling too, falling through And I'm just standing here, talking to the...

Listed by Daniel Medeiros 2 years ago
Mi Error

Reconozco que fue mi error dejarte ir pero tuvo que ser así dicen que las cosas pasan por una razón igual me sigo preguntando yo que hubiera sido de los dos aún te pienso al tiempo del reloj perdóname por dejarme llevar por lo que decían los demás (Chor...

Listed by Emily Villarreal 1 year ago

Have you heard all those Christmas songs? What about this Easter one? It's spring time The evenings are getting brighter Oh Easter time Lambs are leaping Eggs are chocolate The clocks go forward Palm is abundant Oh Easter time Good Friday is next Tuesday! We can...

Listed by Ger Clarke 2 years ago
Have A Good One

We Work Around The Clock We Pay Too Much For Life Were Beaten Down And Broken Their Same old Lies Spoken Blood From A Stone No Your Not Alone Forget The Grind And Have Some Fun Earned, Deserve And Has To Be Done Chorus So Have A Good One Take It eas...

Listed by Mike Case 1 year ago
That certain kind of love

What is it that makes me think about you, yet at the same time leaves me blue. Could it be this, that is sent from above, you know that certain ohhhhh kind of love What is it that causes this heartbeat I never knew, that runs so deep I know it's for you Could it be th...

Listed by Debra s Triggs 10 months ago

(Intro) Yea baby let me see that pompa yea (Verse) Sabes que senorita vente pa ca and chupale a mi paleta come on mamasita vente pa ca en mi cama we can have sex all night long and record it on my camera I will have you screaming all night long like oooh papa because I will...

Listed by Steven Flores 1 year ago
Guyana So So Nice

Guyana so so Nice By PablOGT (James Paul) (Intro/Hook) Guyana so so Nice Guyana so so Nice Guyana so so Nice Guyana so so Nice (V1 with hook) Ah want to guh back to Guyana [so so Nice...Guyana] Back to de land of many waters [so so Nice...Guyana] Back to de la...

Listed by James G Paul Sr 8 months ago
Poor Democracy

I shake my head at the screen As rioters lose their minds My insides boil with rage As the Capitol splits in two Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Fighting, shooting, very bloody Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Poor democracy Five people lose their lives All because of on...

Listed by Abdoul Hakeem 2 years ago

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