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When you meet

Heart blossoms when you meet, Got a strange feeling. I don't know when and how, Someone so special. You who came so close, Gave me a comfort. Took away all the sorrow For a moment's happiness. How to say what is the condition of the heart, It is speechless. I got s...

Listed by Pooja Rajpurohit 9 months ago

When I met you I was 25, you was going on 21. I ain’t have a way, just stuck chilling sleeping at grandmas place. Staying in the streets all night, just hanging out wasnt thinking about getting paid. I wasn’t a stick up kid, Kevin Hart paper soldiers burglaries were my thing. ...

Listed by Wheeble 1 year ago

1 verse I reached for her this morning and she was gone. My eyes filled with tears she had left me all alone. When she left me it tore my world apart. Webster this should be the definition of a broken heart. CHOURS Webster should define a broken heart as pa...

Listed by James L Johnson 1 year ago
Wild flower

Stay wild lil blossom child Let your flowers bloom Growing towards the glow of the Sun Up out of the Shadows Gloom My ..Wild.....Wild..... Wild... Flower Stay.....Wild..... Let the Earth Feed You and drink the Heavenly Rain Your Beauty wi...

Listed by James Ferguson 1 year ago
The Fire is Burning

Outside it is raining, you won't hear me complaining Inside a fire is blazing. Got my warmth inside and it's raging. Got it all locked down with pride, In Content town around me outside. Proud of knowing though it's raining, I can spend these many odd days in. So let i...

Listed by E Lloyd Kelly 4 months ago
Heart Attack

Heart Attack The doctor sent me home to rest, he said you’ve got a broken heart causing pain in your chest. He said it could heal on its own, I asked him how when the love of my life is gone. The nurses gave my hugs trying to make me feel better All I could rem...

Listed by Sharen Barnes 1 year ago
A Picture

A Picture Renee’ M Jones Late night talks of what might have been, If only people didn’t get in our way back then. Reminiscing of the past, and where I saw you last; Dancing with you under the stars as a stranger, I felt as if I knew you then. (Chorus) You were t...

Listed by Renee Jones 2 years ago
Watching the Wind Go By

A thousand shards of universe are flooding in my ears So many skies are falling I don't know where to send my tears And more shards keep on coming, the world is crumbling through the years And we are falling too, falling through And I'm just standing here, talking to the...

Listed by Daniel Medeiros 1 year ago
The dirt road

The dirt road Driving around this old dirt road once again man this ole road we’ve been through some shit. I wonder what it say back. It say hey ole son I’ve you cry and that’s alright. Saw you going a little to fast and going slow Hey buddy I just want you know I’ll...

Listed by Bailey williams 5 months ago
Not Done Yet

So many years you and I We had no clue when we said let’s give it a try We were both pretty young when we decided on this Was it our first encounter, that special first kiss? All I know is we’re so far from being done Our love is so strong we’ve got this one Our lo...

Listed by Barbara Poor 1 year ago

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