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When I met you I was 25, you was going on 21. I ain’t have a way, just stuck chilling sleeping at grandmas place. Staying in the streets all night, just hanging out wasnt thinking about getting paid. I wasn’t a stick up kid, Kevin Hart paper soldiers burglaries were my thing. ...

Listed by Wheeble 3 years ago
The Fire is Burning

Outside it is raining, you won't hear me complaining Inside a fire is blazing. Got my warmth inside and it's raging. Got it all locked down with pride, In Content town around me outside. Proud of knowing though it's raining, I can spend these many odd days in. So let i...

Listed by E Lloyd Kelly 1 year ago
Little Girl

verse 1 little girl it seems like you have no one to talk to I'm here for you. little girl it's not your fault. don't be harsh on yourself. it's time to be strong and brave. little girl it's time to take this step. from this horror you could be saved chorus little g...

Listed by Olivier Thermitus 26 days ago
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A Picture

A Picture Renee’ M Jones Late night talks of what might have been, If only people didn’t get in our way back then. Reminiscing of the past, and where I saw you last; Dancing with you under the stars as a stranger, I felt as if I knew you then. (Chorus) You were t...

Listed by Renee Jones 3 years ago
Popping That Corona, written by Perfection

March 9, 2020 Popping That Corona, written by Perfection In at the crib sipping on this Corona, COVID-19 everywhere will I even be going to work to-mARAW? I don’t know what will happen I can’t tell, will there even be any toilet paper on these Walmart shelves, Coro...

Listed by Perfection 3 years ago
I don’t know what the fuck go do

I don’t know what to do. Everything in my life is screwed I thought on going to school but it turned I’m in shity pool. Tried my way working hard. But the dough is not to enough bake a dime.

Listed by Amgad wawi 7 months ago
Born thru Hell

keep practicin puttun mi life together then takin it apart no matter how I have tried it keeps fallin apart going through burnin pain when demons run then ice cold tundra of a love of life lost runnin for the exit of hell looking for a new way i have been dealt run...

Listed by KirkL Wolff 11 months ago
No sonaba una canción

No sonaba una canción no encontraba mi lugar no hallaba un camino no sabía donde estar vacio que atrapa mi corazón, no me deja respirar. Y quise huir hacia ningún lugar, buscando donde mis manos dibujaran en el aire un camino, donde mis ojos respiraran libertad. Me ...

Listed by Juan Manuel Díaz García 8 months ago
Lose patience

Take twenty from checking and forty from savings I used to chop em down and bag up the shavings I'm a terror in the middle like that bol from the ravens It ain't all good, youngin stop misbehaving One wrong move And your chest will cave in I'm blessed by Vi Howell, Olga ...

Listed by Chuck Howell 2 years ago

(Intro) Yea baby let me see that pompa yea (Verse) Sabes que senorita vente pa ca and chupale a mi paleta come on mamasita vente pa ca en mi cama we can have sex all night long and record it on my camera I will have you screaming all night long like oooh papa because I will...

Listed by Steven Flores 1 year ago

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