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Since that day

Since that day in May, It was hot in sun ray, As I saw you by my side, I felt a passionate tide In me. It has been months back, We are friends for namesake, Whatsapp chatting and floating SMS, You suggest sometimes downloading Netflix, Only. Are you so simpl...

Listed by Mahendra Nath Maharana 1 year ago
Poor Democracy

I shake my head at the screen As rioters lose their minds My insides boil with rage As the Capitol splits in two Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Fighting, shooting, very bloody Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Poor democracy Five people lose their lives All because of on...

Listed by Abdoul Hakeem 1 year ago
I am grateful to you

The Earth and the Sky exist because of our Love Night turns to day because of our Love Its Raining happiness All my dreams fulfilled because of our Love “You are my God don’t ever leave me.” Bless me with this grace and bring peace to my heart. O Lord, I am grateful...

Listed by Giftson Kannamplave 1 year ago

I LOVE THAT LAND OF PROMISE(COUNTRY)HAPPY MOOD BY FRANCESCO BARTALINI Verse 1 With a promise of a land A land of hopes and stories untold We waltz into the dawn The lights lead the way Pre-Chorus And the sun, and the sun And the wind, and the wind Chorus Build a T...

Listed by francesco bartalini 2 years ago
Wild flower

Stay wild lil blossom child Let your flowers bloom Growing towards the glow of the Sun Up out of the Shadows Gloom My ..Wild.....Wild..... Wild... Flower Stay.....Wild..... Let the Earth Feed You and drink the Heavenly Rain Your Beauty wi...

Listed by James Ferguson 1 year ago
Frozen in Time

Don’t let all your hero’s Go out of your mind For some they’re still with us Frozen in time Now I like the slow life The fast lanes too much The old timers they’ll tell you Hey now what’s your rush Cause all the things All the things I’ve been shown What they call p...

Listed by Michael Lewis 1 year ago
Life poem

mind floods with things and sings of a possible dream that brings my heart to a place with the sound of i dont know cant say how do i show u and bring back a decent anwser and poise when noise is in the air like a ring on the mobile dial for a while when can it pause and when ...

Listed by mcdavidlee3 2 years ago
Sweet Sweet Virginia

You cam to me in all my sadness, You always came and helped me to cope You came to cure me of my madness And give me light and love and hope Chorus :Sweet sweet Virginia I,ll always think of you as a friend, Sweet sweet Virginia, I,ll always love you until the end, ...

Listed by Andy Stevens 3 months ago
I need you baby

i like it when you call my name I feel like I belong to you all my life I know you are meant to be with me from the first second since I saw you but life was cruel to us and we had many obstacles in the end we will fly far away to another world and be happy together i l...

Listed by Vlasta Havran 1 year ago

Start believing start achieving make me happier so proud start believing start achieving make it happen now your aloud Your bright Your loved and your kisses they guide me through with sound but I say dreams you posses they put me to a test down with...

Listed by Simona M Harper 1 year ago

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