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1 verse I reached for her this morning and she was gone. My eyes filled with tears she had left me all alone. When she left me it tore my world apart. Webster this should be the definition of a broken heart. CHOURS Webster should define a broken heart as pa...

Listed by James L Johnson 1 year ago

I hope that somebody out there Will truly love you one day Maybe more or less as I do Maybe your angels can guide you Maybe you think of us in your dreams Maybe your soul looks for love, it seems Maybe your days are too busy now Keeping yourself going somehow And...

Listed by Daniela Hlucha 1 year ago
The First Real

When you are yourself all the time When there are no words needed for a while Everything is said by a glance of her eye And she lets you call her mine When you know another day is gonna be great Coz every day feels like the best date She always lights up your day like...

Listed by Daniela Hlucha 1 year ago
Keep Moving Forward

You’ve heard the words raise a little hell Get up get out and don’t be afraid to yell Use your voice to make some noise Say what you want and no need for poise keep moving forward and don't you look back keep moving forward and no time to kick back Bring your excitem...

Listed by Sati Rana 10 months ago
Timeless Eyes

You and your deep cold stare, Tears like a bullet through my armour, Pouring through me like lava, Do you even see me? Your timeless eyes, They capture me, Encapsulate, Fixate, Destroy me. Here I am, lost in your grip, Your image haunts my every thought, It ...

Listed by Michelle Berry 11 months ago
Fireproof Your Faith

Fireproof your faith Put the wall of protection around you today Keep the flames from overcoming you. Keep the flames away. Have your fireproof vest on and pray, pray, pray. Sing loud and clear, let the heaven rains pour down and put out the flames. Watch your firepro...

Listed by Denise Harkness 1 year ago
SLip her 8

Feeeling basic, feeling needy, but stopping just short-- of greedy, things were frightening, cased in lightning, sounding loud, like a clap from a thunder cloud, Saying prayer's , askin for blessings in many layers, Im wondering if God hear's me, Then an angel come's nea...

Listed by Freddy Capelle Jr 8 months ago
Heart Attack

The doctor sent me home to rest, he said you’ve got a broken heart causing pain in your chest. He said it couldn’t heal on its own, I asked him how when the love of my life is gone. The nurses gave my hugs trying to make me feel better All I could remember is what you wro...

Listed by Sharen A Barnes 3 years ago
But she only came back (just to say goodbye)

I said when she showed up Honey, let’s start again Put the old hurt behind us Once more lovers and friends I greeted her warmly Said hello sugar pie But she only came back just to say goodbye I said I was sorry didn’t mean to do wrong Told her a lie And th...

Listed by Edward M. Krauss 11 months ago
cheat and repeat

cheat Im sorry, I wont cheat over and over repeat cheat, Im sorry, I wont cheat over and over, repeat When you leave my body shakes pit of doom and it aches my heart is frozen it cant beat all I think is you will cheat cheat im sorry I wont cheat over and over, repe...

Listed by Adrienne Wakabayashi 4 months ago

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