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I'm not your angel inspired by Bonnie and Clyde

I'm not your angel Heaven sent To save you Is not my intent I'm no saint And I'm no messiah here to guide you To the light I'm not god You would not want to worship me anway cause I would lead you astray you told me you could make all my dreams come true so I...

Listed by JES 4 months ago
I don’t know what the fuck go do

I don’t know what to do. Everything in my life is screwed I thought on going to school but it turned I’m in shity pool. Tried my way working hard. But the dough is not to enough bake a dime.

Listed by Amgad wawi 4 months ago
I'll never leave me

Yeah, yeah I’ll be here watching you through the window The only memory of you would be your shadow Yeah, do me a favour Don’t slam the door Cos I’m still alive Observe my demeanour I’m a smash bird to the core And that isn’t a lie No, no, no, no Yeah No, no,...

Listed by Sandy 5 months ago
Can’t you see?

It’s not hate, rather sadness I’m not aggressive Just disappointed This emotional disturbance It’s a very big turbulence yeah I’m still the old me The beautiful soul is still inside me Can’t you see? Can’t you see? I’m tired of keeping everything to myself Co...

Listed by Sandy 5 months ago
No sonaba una canción

No sonaba una canción no encontraba mi lugar no hallaba un camino no sabía donde estar vacio que atrapa mi corazón, no me deja respirar. Y quise huir hacia ningún lugar, buscando donde mis manos dibujaran en el aire un camino, donde mis ojos respiraran libertad. Me ...

Listed by Juan Manuel Díaz García 5 months ago

Love was so easy No complications Just black and white But here I am But I was so trusting No more then you are I wish I was here now Drinking my sorrows Times are tough Estranged and elusive So cold and empty Here I am now Thought you were so trusting ...

Listed by Dylan Charbonneau 5 months ago
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WE SHALL OVERCOME - COVID’S EPIC TALE!!!!! Written by Lynne Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack’s Teddy Bear!!!!! Worldwide jobs, income and lifestyles gone awry The craziness of COVID Should we laugh or should we cry As COVID has left it’s horrific ma...

Listed by Lynne Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack's Teddy Bear!!!! 7 months ago
Idiota de la vida

idiota al pensar que la vida es como la idealizamos que los amigos son como los tratamos idiota de la vida al tener el pensamiento de un esclavo a envidiar lo ajeno y no apreciar lo que tengo al lado idiota al pensar que las personas son todas buenas sin importar s...

Listed by cristo 8 months ago
An Awesome Victory - Overcoming COVID!!!!

WRITTEN BY LYNNE MACLEOD WITH MY HUSBAND JACK AND JACK’S TEDDY BEAR!!!! The isolation and severing of treasured social ties, The starkness and sadness amid confusion Jobs, income and lifestyles gone awry The insecurity of not having requisite answers New uncertainties ...

Listed by Lynne L Macleod - Mrs. Jack - with my husband Jack and Jack's teddy bear!!!! 8 months ago
Born thru Hell

keep practicin puttun mi life together then takin it apart no matter how I have tried it keeps fallin apart going through burnin pain when demons run then ice cold tundra of a love of life lost runnin for the exit of hell looking for a new way i have been dealt run...

Listed by KirkL Wolff 8 months ago

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