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yea I'm drinking again, this chaos won't leave my brain. handle me some extra shots, I need to escape all sober thoughts. I don't wanna be drinking 'bout my problems anymore, I'm always acting out like a drunk mess attentionwhore. I drank up every sorrow, Never thinking...

Listed by i.m 2 years ago
The First Real

When you are yourself all the time When there are no words needed for a while Everything is said by a glance of her eye And she lets you call her mine When you know another day is gonna be great Coz every day feels like the best date She always lights up your day like...

Listed by Daniela Hlucha 2 years ago
The Fire is Burning

Outside it is raining, you won't hear me complaining Inside a fire is blazing. Got my warmth inside and it's raging. Got it all locked down with pride, In Content town around me outside. Proud of knowing though it's raining, I can spend these many odd days in. So let i...

Listed by E Lloyd Kelly 1 year ago
How Do You Know?

Verse #1 Hello, I just called just to see how you was doing, haven’t heard from you in a while. The last time I seen ya, you was kneeling in the church aisle, crying out loud, Asking God why, and asking God how, You left your tears at the altar, grabbed your bible and wa...

Listed by Patrick Pierce 3 years ago
White collars need a bath

“Well there’s a few white collars you can hear me hollar could use a bath or two” “Hear no evil see no evil speak none well alright” ”Try as I may & try as I might I just can’t get it right” “But there’s a few white collars you can hear me hollar shouldn’t get no bail tonig...

Listed by M Lewis Braun 3 years ago

Start believing start achieving make me happier so proud start believing start achieving make it happen now your aloud Your bright Your loved and your kisses they guide me through with sound but I say dreams you posses they put me to a test down with...

Listed by Simona M Harper 2 years ago
If only you had gotten to know me really really know me

If only you had gotten to know me, really, really know me you'd know the depths of my love for you. But, you've found someone new so I'll walk away as will you. If only you had gotten to know me really, really know me, I would have told you it takes a thousand drops of rai...

Listed by Debra S. Triggs 3 years ago
Sweet Sweet Virginia

You cam to me in all my sadness, You always came and helped me to cope You came to cure me of my madness And give me light and love and hope Chorus :Sweet sweet Virginia I,ll always think of you as a friend, Sweet sweet Virginia, I,ll always love you until the end, ...

Listed by Andy Stevens 1 year ago
No sonaba una canción

No sonaba una canción no encontraba mi lugar no hallaba un camino no sabía donde estar vacio que atrapa mi corazón, no me deja respirar. Y quise huir hacia ningún lugar, buscando donde mis manos dibujaran en el aire un camino, donde mis ojos respiraran libertad. Me ...

Listed by Juan Manuel Díaz García 5 months ago
Have A Good One

We Work Around The Clock We Pay Too Much For Life Were Beaten Down And Broken Their Same old Lies Spoken Blood From A Stone No Your Not Alone Forget The Grind And Have Some Fun Earned, Deserve And Has To Be Done Chorus So Have A Good One Take It eas...

Listed by Mike Case 1 year ago

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