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If only you had gotten to know me really really know me

If only you had gotten to know me, really, really know me you'd know the depths of my love for you. But, you've found someone new so I'll walk away as will you. If only you had gotten to know me...

by Debra S. Triggs

I LOVE THAT LAND OF PROMISE(COUNTRY)HAPPY MOOD BY FRANCESCO BARTALINI Verse 1 With a promise of a land A land of hopes and stories untold We waltz into the dawn The lights lead the way Pre...

by francesco bartalini
  $1,000 - $10,000
Heart Attack

The doctor sent me home to rest, he said you’ve got a broken heart causing pain in your chest. He said it couldn’t heal on its own, I asked him how when the love of my life is gone. The nurses ...

by Sharen A Barnes

FUCK YOGA! We've been friends forever. But before you were thoughtful and clever. But lately, it's been more affliction and no affection! Now we REALLY have a bad connection! Your answer to eve...

by Lisa Lilliehöök

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