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Boom Bap Instrumental amy What to do with the world that we live in give in to anything that’ll twist the dick Or anything to bring a little shine even those who don’t want it at all but it see...

by young oo
  > $100,000
A miami state of mind

Yeah, yeah Ayo, Ex girlfriend, it's time. It's time, Ex girlfriend (aight, Ex girlfriend, begin). Straight out the strong dungeons of rap. The Money drops deep as does my tail. I never walk,...

by Sad JR
  $100 - $1,000
Lose patience

Take twenty from checking and forty from savings I used to chop em down and bag up the shavings I'm a terror in the middle like that bol from the ravens It ain't all good, youngin stop misbehavi...

by Chuck Howell
  $10,000 - $100,000 
Easily Fade Away

There's only sadness... left in me There's no anger... you can see I've left all my... pain behind Otherwise I'd... lose my mind I lost all my... friends this year Pulled away... because of ...

by T.S.
  $100 - $1,000
No hope

Renting a limo but I see nothing through the window I’m playing a game day in and day out there’s no time for anything right now just leave it all as is I’m walking on water I’m the next miracle I ...

by Bryan Accede
  $10,000 - $100,000
You can rename this

yea I'm drinking again, this chaos won't leave my brain. handle me some extra shots, I need to escape all sober thoughts. I don't wanna be drinking 'bout my problems anymore, I'm always acting...

by i.m
Not Done Yet

So many years you and I We had no clue when we said let’s give it a try We were both pretty young when we decided on this Was it our first encounter, that special first kiss? All I know is w...

by Barbara Poor
Livin on the Cul de Sac

Livin’ On the Cul De Sac Down at the end of the dead end street Life is cool in fact it's really sweet. The lawn chairs are out, the drinks are cold Everyone's out young and old Livin' o...

by Barbara Poor

1 verse I reached for her this morning and she was gone. My eyes filled with tears she had left me all alone. When she left me it tore my world apart. Webster this should be the definiti...

by James L Johnson
Snake eyes

This chip on my shoulders ain't nachos/ 30 round clip in tha draco/ if you still gotta count yo money then you're still broke/ cat's always claimed they got

by Teng Bang

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