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Timeless Eyes

You and your deep cold stare, Tears like a bullet through my armour, Pouring through me like lava, Do you even see me? Your timeless eyes, They capture me, Encapsulate, Fixate, Destroy me. Here I am, lost in your grip, Your image haunts my every thought, It ...

Listed by Michelle Berry 10 months ago
Popping That Corona, written by Perfection

March 9, 2020 Popping That Corona, written by Perfection In at the crib sipping on this Corona, COVID-19 everywhere will I even be going to work to-mARAW? I don’t know what will happen I can’t tell, will there even be any toilet paper on these Walmart shelves, Coro...

Listed by Perfection 1 year ago
I Got Baby Fever!

Verse 1: Bottles, Diapers & discarded White Castle Wrappers everywhere, Sleepless nights, disheveled hair, Baby shakes rattle, baby shakes rattle, Houseful of kids who Luvs to tattle, Chorus: Cause I got baby fever and there’s only one cure, A maternal inf...

Listed by Tina Knowledgeable Peden 19 hours ago
Mi Error

Reconozco que fue mi error dejarte ir pero tuvo que ser así dicen que las cosas pasan por una razón igual me sigo preguntando yo que hubiera sido de los dos aún te pienso al tiempo del reloj perdóname por dejarme llevar por lo que decían los demás (Chor...

Listed by Emily Villarreal 4 months ago
A miami state of mind

Yeah, yeah Ayo, Ex girlfriend, it's time. It's time, Ex girlfriend (aight, Ex girlfriend, begin). Straight out the strong dungeons of rap. The Money drops deep as does my tail. I never walk, 'cause to walk is the Mum of entail. Beyond the walls of wood shavings, life i...

Listed by Sad JR 1 year ago
But she only came back (just to say goodbye)

I said when she showed up Honey, let’s start again Put the old hurt behind us Once more lovers and friends I greeted her warmly Said hello sugar pie But she only came back just to say goodbye I said I was sorry didn’t mean to do wrong Told her a lie And th...

Listed by Edward M. Krauss 10 months ago
Frozen in Time

Don’t let all your hero’s Go out of your mind For some they’re still with us Frozen in time Now I like the slow life The fast lanes too much The old timers they’ll tell you Hey now what’s your rush Cause all the things All the things I’ve been shown What they call p...

Listed by Michael Lewis 1 year ago
Since that day

Since that day in May, It was hot in sun ray, As I saw you by my side, I felt a passionate tide In me. It has been months back, We are friends for namesake, Whatsapp chatting and floating SMS, You suggest sometimes downloading Netflix, Only. Are you so simpl...

Listed by Mahendra Nath Maharana 1 year ago
How Do You Know?

Verse #1 Hello, I just called just to see how you was doing, haven’t heard from you in a while. The last time I seen ya, you was kneeling in the church aisle, crying out loud, Asking God why, and asking God how, You left your tears at the altar, grabbed your bible and wa...

Listed by Patrick Pierce 1 year ago
The Fire is Burning

Outside it is raining, you won't hear me complaining Inside a fire is blazing. Got my warmth inside and it's raging. Got it all locked down with pride, In Content town around me outside. Proud of knowing though it's raining, I can spend these many odd days in. So let i...

Listed by E Lloyd Kelly 2 months ago

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