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Fireproof Your Faith

Fireproof your faith Put the wall of protection around you today Keep the flames from overcoming you. Keep the flames away. Have your fireproof vest on and pray, pray, pray. Sing loud and clear, let the heaven rains pour down and put out the flames. Watch your firepro...

Listed by Denise Harkness 3 years ago
No hope

Renting a limo but I see nothing through the window I’m playing a game day in and day out there’s no time for anything right now just leave it all as is I’m walking on water I’m the next miracle I got my dogs no longer they’ll ride for my ego is bruised by a stone a long time ...

Listed by Bryan Accede 2 years ago
Sweet Sweet Virginia

You cam to me in all my sadness, You always came and helped me to cope You came to cure me of my madness And give me light and love and hope Chorus :Sweet sweet Virginia I,ll always think of you as a friend, Sweet sweet Virginia, I,ll always love you until the end, ...

Listed by Andy Stevens 1 year ago

1 verse I reached for her this morning and she was gone. My eyes filled with tears she had left me all alone. When she left me it tore my world apart. Webster this should be the definition of a broken heart. CHOURS Webster should define a broken heart as pa...

Listed by James L Johnson 2 years ago
The Land of the Forgotten

(Stanza 1) I reside in the land of the forgotten Always a choice, never being the choice Labeled a mistake Someone to be, never someone to have You were everything I had You plucked my soul from this desolate land (Chorus) The land of the forgotten Where forgetting i...

Listed by Andrew Larcher 1 year ago
Popping That Corona, written by Perfection

March 9, 2020 Popping That Corona, written by Perfection In at the crib sipping on this Corona, COVID-19 everywhere will I even be going to work to-mARAW? I don’t know what will happen I can’t tell, will there even be any toilet paper on these Walmart shelves, Coro...

Listed by Perfection 3 years ago
Poor Democracy

I shake my head at the screen As rioters lose their minds My insides boil with rage As the Capitol splits in two Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Fighting, shooting, very bloody Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Poor democracy Five people lose their lives All because of on...

Listed by Abdoul Hakeem 2 years ago
Keep Moving Forward

You’ve heard the words raise a little hell Get up get out and don’t be afraid to yell Use your voice to make some noise Say what you want and no need for poise keep moving forward and don't you look back keep moving forward and no time to kick back Bring your excitem...

Listed by Sati Rana 2 years ago
The Presence of Angels

Johnny wiped the dust off the glass, Let out a gentle sigh and wiped a tear away from his eye. Smiles that hid a thousand tales, hiding losses, broken dreams, when life was torn apart at the seams. Janey remembered her mother’s voice as if it were yesterday. ...

Listed by Keith John McKee 1 year ago
Nothing but okay

(Verse1) I Say nothing but okay I Tell nothing even when i know I’m in the wrong way Even when you scream loud at me I hide it all inside me Like nothing happened at all You treat me like a shit bag Like I’m an old shitty doll I’m sick of it all (Chorus) I ca...

Listed by Emma loop-rock 2 years ago

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