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sleep tonight,
little boys in sweat-shops will again be children and
tonight they'll eat the lions share.
Bombing skies will sing silent and the anger
than a worthless has been
Warming up a rabbit
Like take some of that shit
I'm ain't scared of no one
Even if I'm volunteerely word bombing it
got time to kill at last
Bombing hometowns I can
Watch it free from harm
United Arab emirates
Still keep the gas in my car
Driving nowhere fast
the pig saw was dirt bag

It's like a bleeding comet bombing on your sequels
To the riverside park tunnel people claim last life form standing
The Grand Canyon is overrun by motorized rafters and transistorites
Our lust for energy dams the rivers
Missile sites, bombing ranges nuclear testing,
Cakebrick road in summer 1981, we shared a house and garden
At the height of all the bombing, on the run in busy, hazy london
Through t-shirt
Cause I keep havin' visions of flight bombing politicians
On some midnight marauder missions
It gets harder
They shut down your energy, cut off your
Muhammad, it's the return of the common
I'm bombing these rappers and dropping a hip hop megatron
From King Street to Eglington, we don't run
Cause when
the race, no surprise there. The elevator always beats the stairs.
On a golf cart...wearing some uniform...bombing in the night-time...lying on make
Hey look we're bombing Iraq
I guess that's the only way
Oh did I tell you we got Fifi spayed?
And when they get to work they hear drums
Y'all mythalogical niggas is comical
The astronomical is coming through like the flu bombing you
And embalming in your crew too
With the musical
I'd go down on you if that would make you happy
My panda bear
My panda bear

Please stop bombing my lullabies to pieces
My panda bear
My panda
Who wants to play fight the pigs and talk drunk about bombing gas stations
Until you have to go work in one that is, friend, I'm not an idiot so
Generations of poison and bombing and drilling
All designed to turn the hearts of your children to stone
Got post traumatic slave master syndrome
shine (shine)
In my eyes

I'm a-gonna take
A just a one step more
'Cause I feel like
Bombing a church

Now that you know
That the preacher is lying
by storm in bombing runs and kill for their mandate

We are the ones who watch, we write in every law
We bring the hammer down and crush you big
going now

Electric dreams that electrify,
Bombing lights and liquid skies,
Robotic arms that radiate,
Into the lives that they create

it burning?
Can you feel it coming?
Can you feel it dropping?
Can you feel it exploding?
Can you feel it bombing?
Can you feel it rising?
Can you
Libertina Grimm
Howitzer glare and spitfire blade
Wooed by Dresden serenades
Her soundtrack now a bombing raid
Bored of Vaudeville

God was six days
bombed us, now we're bombing back,
Where the heck is Osama at?

And I would love to talk about Katrina,
but everytime I talk about Katrina,
they look at me
it burning?
Can you feel it coming?
Can you feel it dropping?
Can you feel it exploding?
Can you feel it bombing?
Can you feel it rising?
Can you
and deceived
Too late for remorse, revolt, rebel
This is moral bombing
Your personal hell

Here and now
Courage and guts

Victory imminent
Promised by
are not a friend of mine, just a dude I never call
Bombing on 'em, Shock & Awe

These motherfuckers make me laugh
They L-A-F, they Lame As Fuck
Ebola crisis and ISIS is taking heads off
A drone is bombing a village and now the kids all
Signing up to be soldiers, but they all willing now
To do

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