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am a pirate 
Fuck a glock, use a blade it is silent 
Have you coffin just like you caught a virus 
We bomb yo villa mothafucker we isis 
Bombing shit
I'm suicide bombing
Wanna piece of my pie? Then come fucking try me, ay

Hit 'em off the rip, Heretic the Mighty, so sick
Fuck a night light, I need
bombing, and I couldn't get enough
You converged on me like a shark smelling blood, and I was
So very captivated, I shoulda waited
Coulda saved myself
I came from nothing that's newly made
Led in the pen I’m not erased
I’m made from this earth man I'm not from space
I kamikaze its bombing day
Shit bombing atomic
I yearn for knowledge
My closest friends is far from honest

Life throwing shots
I'm tryna roll with it
Roll with it
Go with it
bathing in fountains of knowledge
Abolish your dishonest policies, bombing you pompous itty bitty politician bitches
Find me and my brothers n' sisters some
over me

Presently I'm sitting in a hole inside a wall
Waiting out the bombings
Sitting out the screams forestalling freedom from
All the scheduled
and the bees
Steady mobbin' and bombing in army fatigue
I'll even bring America to its knees
Like studying Kama Sutra with platonic rulers
Count the nooses,
back back
If not, well then I'm bombing them 
All a my flows is posthumous 
This is Nostradamus plottin shit wit Sadam and then 
You rapping about Jamba
the profits
We weren't supposed to pop its 
What they call the rap phenomenon
The world's a Quincenera, I play Chambalan
Drop a bomb, bombing on em like a 80's
you want that war 
We aint shooting Bitch we Bombing 
Like Meliodas boy I blew up wit no notice 
I fucked a Nun bitch 
And you bet that pussy potent
never stop can't let em pass us 
Ya'll nibbling on mediocrity see I rather feast on accomplishments 
Its no letting up I'm just bombing up sh*t don't ever
than reporters at press conferences
On December 25th stressing sponsors with
Verbal hits like herbal spliffs
The nuances I'm bombing 'em with
that there has ever been
Ever since they’ve been sold separate, The peppermints
I’m the cleverest
Sometimes percieved as arrogant, I’m a beat bombing
Motherfuckers work tanks but we know stones
(2008 – The Gaza Bombings)
My ritual of watching T.V
Ran between the grieving
And Egyptian belly dance music
And I
with me
Then have them appreciating the beauty of graffiti
By bombing up on Washington DC and the Statue of Liberty
Supported by the majority 
make these rappers call me lord and shit
Quit the mumbling the game is getting bored with this
So I showed up, a nigga came in bombing in shit
They behind complacent
Damn they behind too basic
Who stands too behind the matrix
On top of a bombing nation
Yea truth be told
We ain't been the same
over tools for the use in major bombings
If you think all this is lie, just look at the worlds facts
A war on terror is money makin scheme, war on drugs
of bombings and media circuses
What was the pupose?
We share a sacred land and need to respect eachother
Our histories are bound, like a crew of street hustlers
the wraith
Ain't even got me a license 
Bombing the city I'm flexing on isis
Hitting the store don't be telling me prices
See me in public, don't get excited
Yo I'm ominous
Come up on the track like they don't know who I am
This local vocal poet is bombing this
This ain't common
This noodle
shyt no rapping 
I just keep bombing beats im not slacking 
You can get scorched from heat that im packing 
You can ask Lauryn if I got that thing, that
Bombing for peace be like Fuckin for virginity 
Got unfiltered hate for the Head of State call me the enemy 
I'm bucking down Republicans y'all

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