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Island of garbage
Sting my eyes and
Bombing underground
Breathing fire now
Earning my badges
Need a bigger ride

Distraction down the slope we slide
Been out for two weeks hoping these thoughts replenishment
And come back harder than martyrs to bombing the states again 
Or harder than, addicts back
A veces soy feo como bombing
Ocupando mas de un boli, classic

Tu cache me parece desastroso
Hasta tu padrino es mas mafioso
Rimas and birras,
Bang bang any day
Zoom zoom on my way

Why you keep calling
Steady calling o
Early momo
You no even gimme warning
Stealing bombing o
Early momo

Bang bang any day
Zoom zoom on my way

Why you keep calling
Steady calling o
Early momo
You no even gimme warning
Stealing bombing o
Early momo

Applauding atom bombings hear the clap and feel the thunder
As we seal and then reveal the last disaster undiscovered
or I'm bombing like Osama waddup
In the city of angels like what's up
Fly to Las Vegas hit the strip like wassup
Fly to NY the city never sleep like wassup
But only damaging the transit 

A back drop 
To my anti conformity 
And i can't stop bombing 
Til every one's ignoring me 
Jotting down my story
Che un Dio ti difenda

Ma io sono un killer
Esco di notte con il bomber
Faccio bombing sulle vostre ville
Il bomber con le vostre figlie eh già
Bombing around this empty town
With my feet in a dead man's shoes
Oh I'm tromping around and around
Feeling like there's nothing left to lose

In fact it was quite strange

Sorted life is sleeping
Cease your bombing run please
Or we'll run out scared

Sorry actor
He breaths into the dust
know we doing it big 
Swinging them things, similar to flying a plane 
But never similar to mothafuckas bombing in vain 
Explode! Over the LA. basin
For my rivals' losses
I don't like these artists

I time the bombing like 'Yikes, he bonkers!'
I get up in the ring like I'm Tyson chomping
I got more
information stored inside our educated heads (info) 
No more diseases, money, and bombing death threats (death threat) 
All reusable energy like everyday hits
niggas With there hands out 
Chris breezy With the gatts Out 
Instagram Models whit There tonguesOut 
Verse Camaro two Seater photo
Bombing With the reaper
kiedy patrzę
Łamie mi serce kiedy patrzę na was
Łamie mi serce kiedy patrzę

Był ze mną odkąd na mieście ruszył bombing
Szczeniaki zlały książki poczuły
and I’m already faded
I be bombing like laden I got the diamonds and diamonds
To fill up volumes and volumes like I be some copping some ramen
off roofs and to biking in ponds
And to bombing the hills without helmets on
We just did for the thrill and a trip and a fall like we couldn’t be killed
be right

Now the military jets are bombing our ass
World's gone crazy!
And all the 99 percenters, they ain't got no cash
World's gone crazy!
And now
Who's got the frequencies fat plus busts rhymes ill 
Slappin palms with my homies, bombing Montara hills
Cheap thrills don't leave me fulfilled
bombing Sh*t feel like Osama (oou)
You don't feed the wolves they gone get right up on you (on god)
Dese Ni**as can't survive in the concert jungle (haha)
Or only the beginning?
Concrete castles, fascist assholes
Fill the void within your soul
Taking money, bombing countries
Only seeking out control

Can we
and blowing up when I go like
Hiroshima, Nagasaki with the bombings, wow
Versace, Versace, Socket Secure 5 proxies, bro
In Milwaukee with my posse fuck yo
am a pirate 
Fuck a glock, use a blade it is silent 
Have you coffin just like you caught a virus 
We bomb yo villa mothafucker we isis 
Bombing shit

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