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ain't a bezzle
I went out of state and I came back to tell you
This shit ain't a telethon
Who bombing Lebanon
Got a new tenant, she stay
It’s a marathon and you bound to slip
Just know it’s lit, Easy does it
I don’t care bout the repercussion
I’m bombing this shit yea the reaping coming
an afterthought
So many voices in my head, that if I had to kill them all
The witnesses would testify it was a fucking massacre
Cherry Bombing beats, to practice my
has the work or else it might backfire
My beat up car has got a flat tire
Now I'm bombing and sweating
My palms soggy I’m betting
My mom's probably
I'm dripping from a waterfall of wealth 
I be stealth bombing
To above you lame lower level beings 
I am soaring
Crossing me that'll be casualties
you that on the other side there're no people but enemies
I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it gives me the second breath

Carpet bombings
atomic bombing
Watching myself die, through a universal portal
I'm warping and absorbing my soul in attempts to live immortal
Letting loose of morals, in
bombing on ya til I blow lil ho so dont come near me
I hit heavy channel Libra mama weigh ya options clearly
Or you could get blew back while I’m about them
Told em to stop talkin' fore I leave with no option
Coffins ready
Popping off like confetti
No stopping, only bombing shit

You can't step up pussy
of you sliders T I pity
Hit up my guala
I put them dollars on my city
Baby said shawty bring that Lombardi
And get in me
Dropping a comet bombing her fox
Your hands go in the air without a single care
I’m the bomb hottest ish I’m always bombing everywhere
Don’t you like rather lust I’m always standing up
wanna talk then I'll give her a slap
Gang in the beamer and were bombing your block like Iraq
Ya can call me ink with these bars but I ain't
There's bombings and terrors and books full of war crimes
And countries are filled with the wounded and wronged
It would take years to explain
I’m in this I’ve been bombing this
I’m in this I mean ominous
Sip coronas on the corner
Got a heart of a loner and mind of a stoner
I can give you
didn't get up out the spot cause that off white
Bags steady bombing in it's a strong night
Jeweler knocking at the door said he brung ice

Two bad bitches
right now or cut your resolve
I'm bombing on bitches to bring on the bottom
I'm coming to get em, remember I taught em
I rock Mitsubishi, I'm middle
comrades, indeed I pay my homage
Keep things bombing, Hustle gang in Zimbabwe
No pain no gain in quest to be rich
Young, black and slick securing a dealership
the nations 
I don't wanna lose my patience 

I don't wanna lose 
Lose this love 
They're drone bombing us 
From above 

Please look me in
There's a place
Far away
There's a country
Where I want us to stay

No more bombing
No more fears
I miss her to
As you can tell by my tears

In her eyes
and I’m already faded
I be bombing like laden I got the diamonds and diamonds
To fill up volumes and volumes like I be some copping some ramen
off roofs and to biking in ponds
And to bombing the hills without helmets on
We just did for the thrill and a trip and a fall like we couldn’t be killed
bombing Sh*t feel like Osama (oou)
You don't feed the wolves they gone get right up on you (on god)
Dese Ni**as can't survive in the concert jungle (haha)
Who's got the frequencies fat plus busts rhymes ill 
Slappin palms with my homies, bombing Montara hills
Cheap thrills don't leave me fulfilled
Or only the beginning?
Concrete castles, fascist assholes
Fill the void within your soul
Taking money, bombing countries
Only seeking out control

Can we

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