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Bombing game 
My lyrics like nukes 
I'm sonin these n****s, turn rappers to luke 
You hella garbage you might make me puke 
Tired of chatter 
I'll put y'all
They Killin Us Killin Us All

Hey, what's happening today? 
It's Nothing but insanity
Old man can't cross the street
Bombing all the refugees
was those troops that was bombing you
Trying to split your head in two, into a canoe
All while they invade your country too
Blasphemous, such savageness
wants to perpetuate
Infinite bombing / Eternal tears

Human mind wrapped
In the violence desire
Invade / Raze
Dominate / Eliminate

Brutality terrorizes
great financial clique ghosts
making the ruins art.
What time do you start boarding
captain love bombing?
Target is
Japanese arrangement
You were once one of those hotheads, Liam and what did it give us? More graves than I care to remember. This bombing rivals Omagh with its civilian
You should invest 
Bombing scenes like terrorist 
First I incubate
Take time to create 
Then propagate 
And demonstrate 
Looking for profit
Like I'm
I feel the pain on my soul
Bombing paradise on my scenario
It's time motherfucker for a new parole

The devil is an asshole
Ohoh ohoh ohoh
The devil
We breaking the law 
You breaking my  jaw
Em bombing bombing my Pof 
See how em wavin' my flag 
Backwoods rolling my blunt 
Niggle pull up like Don
could love more
we know we could care for the hungry
we know we could hear the poorest who say

Stop bombing us 
stop starving us
stop robbing and join
Take a look up to the sky 
Prepare yourself for death - without knowing why 
Bombing planes and rolling tanks 
To take in our home our freedom
casualties more- the NATO doesn't care
some targets missed- were the bombers fucking pissed?
bombing at random
is cheaper than to store
all these deadly
not political but to me/
the whole art form questions private property/
A political crime of passion/
this one is to my train bombing, train trashing...
as cells, though
All that is what I want
All that is what I want

Across another river
Reached the ocean just before sunset
Bombing started with a roar
and my boys dey join me dancing
And jumping spiritual something
But  it's true na my voice will stop the bombing ye e
Stop the bombing ye e
And stop
...And when I was seventeen,
I made myself a DMZ,
But they continued bombing me
Hot and steadily.

They divided me at seventeen --
I declared myself
Jacques Cousteau could never get this low
I'm cherry bombing shits, Boom
Just warming up a little bit, vroom vroom
Rappining is what's happening
He's like, "What does that mean?"
"I'm going to bomb", and true to my professional prescription, I did
But there's bombing, then there's the shit
it was nine tons of steel pellet
Powerful projection, noise is deafening
Carrier battle groups, that's threatening
Higher level bombing, plus
couldn't tell it, it was nine tons of steel pellet
Powerful projection, noise is deafening
Carrier battle groups, that's threatening
Higher level bombing
y'all rat bitches sound garbage
While me and Ross like the hood version of bombings
Bars give me style like when you steppin in my
The 38 special in my
feel like we were one. You see the El Mariel boatlift, Hurricane Katrina and the Oklahoma bombings, we all got something in common and that?s the desire
are cut down
Bombing and drilling deep below ground
Check the prophecies from around the world
And look around now as it all unfurls
Look into yourself
and from the bombing
Fire in the sky burning down my life
There is no more love no more longing

I dream of Peace
I dream of flowers on the hill

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