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Wouldn't it be beautiful?
Wouldn't it be beautiful?
Wouldn't it be beautiful?
Wouldn't it be beautiful?

Oh, if people stop bombing the planes
the city's just a danger zone
Atomic blues bombing hearts like Iraqis in Babylon
The droid control will take your soul and rate it
Berate, slay it
You hate
hitting batters up with the wild pitch style
I even show an Uptown MC a style
Who thought he saw me on 4th & Broadway
But I was out on the island, bombing
Bombing like babe ruth when I call it
Yes y'all it, and my bet's all in, heck nah, never let y'all win
In the game, everything a test to check
To see who
in my very first testament
Re-animate it (roll out) 
Roll-out mines, Frankenstein times, Optimus Prime
Zorro bombing on cars how I write these names
Tragedies of Kennedy's, refugees, AIDS disease
Photos of Hiroshima, the Holocaust, and Kosovo
Tim McVeigh, Saddam Hussein, the bombing of the World
put out the blaze
And put Islamic terrorist bombing, on the front page
It's like saying only gays get AIDS, propaganda
Like saying the problem's over
I remember Oklahoma when they put out the blaze
And put Islamic terrorist bombing, on the front page
It's like saying only gays get AIDS, propaganda
Don't look now, don't heed the warning
It's really of no concern
Don't mind the sound
They're only just bombing
Anything left to burn

Isn't it
the philosophy of displaced mines? 
The bombing of all homes and villages 
Truth is the only sword bleeding minds 
Bleeding 'til the day that

We attack
to the red spanish soil
Came the lincoln brigade with their dreams
But they fell in the fire of germany's bombing
And they fell 'cause no one would hear their
the elegance, of the American strategy of pinpoint bombing. The high tech surgical approach, which was being reported by CNN as something between grand opera
(I think the answer's yes, I think the answer's yes) 
To the burning of the Stock Exchange and bombing of the press 
(I think the answer's yes,
to the unprepared
It might even just get worse
The situation would surely change if they were to find themselves in it
Supporters of the H-Bomb, and fire-bombing
juice from the fucking light poles
Shout out to the Bronx, nigga!

Aye yo, this shit go way back like a Uni marker, kid
Bombing the D train and hit
a Koran, or Islam
From Genghis Khan to Vietnam I can smell the napalm
Rape victims, ripped stockings
Redneck clan members doing church bombings
a terrorist bombing spree
Planes falling out the sky, like we was a Lockerbie
Look into the heart of a thief
You might go on vacation, become a patient
Deafening thunder cities burn
Carpet-bombing laid to waste
Throwned inside a death mask

Holy cross embedded in your tomb
Casualties are
no equal
He grabs it and starts bombing people
Don't listen to me to figure me out
Because you can't turn my mind inside out

	Latifah is the name you
About that time, macing 
Bombing, macing, whatever you need to bug…you the bugs all night, your house 
So he comes through, one cop comes
the Apocalypse
When I'm atomic bombing the populous
Shock the metropolis hostile as a kid
Popping the Glock at his moms and his pops
Then he hops in his drop with
a bombing in a bouquet

I just can't stop
I keep on loading my gun
I can't be seein' masta stopa
Till I fill and I come
Cause I ain't no sitcom
A boy sugar ray want to play the contender
Just say I got a temper
And my temperature is off the thermometer

Korean New Year to Hanukah I'm bombing

Black folks forgive us

But its merely a word
And theresa a lot worse things out there then words

The bombing in Oklahoma
The kids in

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