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at? Why we gotta lease that?
Why we can't own that? All these fat loaners
Ain't no forewarning came bombing and I'm just Vietnam
If you gon' be
Into one form have a common goal
When I'm bombing soul on this track
Everybody knows my spirt comes intact
Never um post hande or should I say
been chaotic since the them bombings
Trap out with that pistol nigga, do we have problem?
Welcome to Detroit, where one day it'll be quiet
The next
Catch hang nail on Banlon
Shiver Martin Sheen

Preschool mothers
In Technicolor
Are fire bombing Dresden
Stanton, Harry Dean

Feeding line caught
We are at war with the enemy we can't see
a brutal conspiracy of assassination
Kidnappings, bombings, highjackings and mass murders

I've been a Vet'
Fuck Vietnam
I'm on the internet
W-A-T-T-S dot com
And if I'm not bombing 
Ain't none of y'all shit
It's all politics anyway
So I take
don't have a clue,
There's snow in Arizona while they're bombing in Beirut!

I hope some day, when I'm dead and gone,
We learn to right, everything that's
dying I am dying is
Wrong to call a spade a spade popping pills will ease the

Daily pain bombing peace back up into the stoned state I am
Not living
Thugs-N-Harmony still live niggas
And I got my troopers suited and ready, Relay!
Up in this motherfucker marchin', marchin', marchin', marchin'
the bullet loco blue rags
Smoking the bombing fluid and keep dumping on you fags

I heard and seen it all and I'm hoping you fall
Keep looking at my nuts until

Okay, nobody listening
Cause a baller let a baller ball and his bottom he brought it
But he bro into smaller bombing, better bring this bout it
Violence for inner-peace
Bombing for therapy
Terror is everything you need

Cross the dotted line
Fake your destiny
Give a finger take a hand
Use the enmy
My complexity weaves fourth-dimensional in your mind 
Check the index under ego smashin' 
Propaganda bashin', meetin' the merciless 
Pry apart
Same scenes, same fears
Deep in the night they started bombing Panic chaos in the dark
Run downstairs, no light on the stairs 500 meters away,
Looking for the safest route 
Well now it’s so quiet here
The leaves are bombing down the road

It’s so quiet here

Any time I chose the wrong way
since All The Small Things
16 years since I learned to play the string
17 years since the New York Bombings
And I'm feeling a little old

Take me back
crooked cops
Is the ones
That belong
In prison 
How can they lie 
And say 
They bettering any situation 
It's a bombantion 
They bombing nations 
and the rest closed content
Still gotta move like Obama
Trust me you don't want that drama
And if you do
Then you know where to find us
Yeaaaaa Yea
Oh yeeaaa o yea
I just wanna honor all my Niggas
Cause I feel like we at war
Police Bombing on my Niggas
Movie Drama
Got us
How you figure 
Bombing'nem and no one sees 

Picturing a resolve where all this petty shit'll cease
Shit i don't see no walls
Still got time to go
(Yes sir)
No I ain't got time for niggas
Yea niggas want smoke, well I'm bombing niggas
Catch that nigga in the scope, fresh line a nigga
Told y'all
Pearl bombing in your girls' harbor
Nose diving fin to crash all on it
Drunk pilot, I don't think you know about it
Yo body on the wall, my control
Judges are sniffing the cocaine
Soldiers are bombing the orphanage
Government selling their country
No health care, death penalty
Poor people the enemy
if you just don’t apply it
We just don’t condone it
We just don’t condone it
That’s honestly bogus
I’m bombing opponents
So bring out the caskets when

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