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bland is
I'll give you a whooping
Ow ow no ones looking
Cry for help, then I'm booking
I'll come back I'm not crooked
I've got this no rookies
screaming fuck a test
What was next

I spent years tryna discover my craft
Them next 3 years really been whooping my ass

I gotta talk God I prayed these
where I lived, had to stutter
Got my life back on track now
Still got sum ass whoopings I should pass out
All dis pain in my heart, I wanna lash out
on for my kids
This is a father's letter to his kids
Giving you praise, giving attention, giving you whoopings, giving you hugs
Everything I do for
chasin the fame
Hoes out here still ain't ashamed
I been whooping asses like i'ma sensei
Just a young bull came from the trap
But never sold drugs cuz i
Brrrr rahhh
I graduated from the school of hard knocks
I did a green light and your hearts stop
I got my masters in
Ass whooping
I'll smash
a bodie like Satan
Oh no there ain't no debating 48 nights what you facing
Locked down inside of my basement bet that you hate it
Whooping yo ass like I
many ass whoopings for wack rappers
That it's gonna take to slap some sense into these rap bastards
And show them not to mess around with a lyrical rap
chilling and laughing
Pour up the liquor I need me a double
Bottles and models will get me in trouble
W-A-D-E is posing a threat
Of a brutal ass whooping you
I'm broken but not broke like a chipped glass
Life has put a good whooping on my ass
Anxiety, depression 
Has taught me a lesson 
God is the only way
feelings and cry
Whooping that pussy cause I don't get pussy whooped
Had to beat it so bad that I couldn't look
I give my sugar momma a sugar foot
If I’m with that girl I’m chirping, take that birdie like its golf (Birdie birdie)
If I beat a nigga's ass call that whooping-cough
Look at that (Look)
to a clock don't mean your time is near
Full plate of ass whooping, got enough to share
And if you want a piece, then I'ma put my foot in your rear
Smoking that OG gas
Still whooping ass I stay on guard
Pop pop pop
Catch the vibe its that cali life
Uh uh
But I came from the other side
Coming Straight
sweats off
Drying my palms
And I’m putting my hair up
Doing the run through, cause practice makes perfect
Been practicin’ whooping yo ass with my verses
to the ground
Summer slam
This is ass whooping my son
It's not summer jam
Tag an artist who got bars
Man ain't that a scam
Ur an embarrassment to hip hop
Don’t mess with HES$, I’ll give u my rage
Faces need thanking, my wallet I'm banking
We don’t share a ranking, booty yeh I'm spanking
Whooping that ass,
bass whooping ass smoking grass living fast
Rebel flag flying in a truck bed half mast
Rolling through the hollow black smoke coming from the stacks
I remember getting whoopings I was 6
Couldn't have a report with a F on it
Specially a D and that was definite
If I had a C then I was pressing it
You know
They say yeen had an ass whooping
Til life beat yo ass
You know we gone go thru trials and tribulations and pain
But endless pain come from
to the rap game
Shit stays the same
It's just traces
I'm popping off like "mazel tov"
Boujee-er then Häagen-Dazs
Mixed with chronic pounding
Whooping cough
lead you to the enemy
Why am I abusive, addicted to amphetamines

Take it
Sit down
Shut up
A whooping
Back off
Won't you
Consider it
get stronger as I think
All I do is show em love
I get whoopings in return
They set fire to my heart
Let it burn let it burn
I think they wanna see me
nigger forever balling
I'm whooping and sweaping rappers I'm teaching them what is wrong
Niggers would hate you for doing nothing and see you forever happy

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