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lookin' at me
They know I'm a star and they hookin' on me
I get on the court and I'm cooking on thee
You step up to guard and I'm whooping on thee
I got
so my speakers on blast
He play wit da gang den he live in a bag 
Niggas like boxers boy we on yo ass 
Marks on my hand come from whooping his ass 
doing hip hop haiku
Y'all new school
IPads safe spaces lunch naps
I'm old school like paddle whoopings and dunce caps
Old's not always better than new
Like diapers kid
Like vipers kid
I'm to fast to miss
Never nice with this 
This is MJ bad
Giving whoopings out like his dad

I'm not bad guy but I
bought it
I just thank God that she bought it
Cause that’s another ass whooping Coming
She ain’t them at the store
Man I can’t do no running
It got me
lungs eat a beat exhale the flames
Since I dropped DAFT nothing else has been the same
But I maintain, kick game, new name
Call me Mr. Rodgers whooping
P.I. 100 to 1000 kept it real to the point of discreet 
Ass whooping for tattling, under age alci staggering 
Back woods swisher sweet just before that
whoopings for average
All my life I've been searching for passion, all my life I thought we needed cash
I hate people that sit on they ass, I hate people
Wolly Doodle all the day
I thought I heard the chicken sneeze
Sing Polly Wolly Doodle all the day

Oh he sneezed so hard, had a whooping cough
Sing Polly
at your looks like what you looking at
I'm cooking with a whooping bat
I'm whipping up a wicked rap
So wicked that the  witches be like "Damn where all my
whooping and a dunce cap
I'm too black like Tupac
Ain't got time to explain that

Ain't no time for questions
Who what when how where why
Ex-girl wanna come
wanted an ass whooping
Then you getting what you wishing for
Don't take it out on me
Leave the weed
But you can take you heels and your weave and just
of the first degree ass whooping present 
Cause my god I have sinned 
I pack a fking punch hit it hard watch me win 
If I was a dumb fuck going crazy off the tin
wit no choice
But to make curfew
Or my demons was gonna be whooping my ass
So glad for dominique
Or this song wouldn't seen light of day
Foundation im
pain, as faces melt like wax

The fire-works excite the boy, he dances 'round the bed

Chanting, whooping merrily, his parents glowing red

Across the bed
what kind ass whooping comes with this
your whole crew could get some of this,
your wack ass fuck kids is what the subject is
roughnecks live, for only
Heavies and everyone
Who can dig the movement of the Guru, smooth and
Proving that I'm the relevent, eloquent one
Suckers getting whoopings like they're all
a zombie
Keep my moves lowkey, cause these niggas love to copy
Use to be my dawgs, I ain’t never switched side
I’m still whooping niggas, like Mike Tyson in
As I got in my rocket ship
I saw the chip
I ate it without a moment's pause
I knew it was the will of the gods
As the ship took off
I got whooping
and 50's to slap on yo ass and baby you thick keep shaking that ass
Fuck with my girl put a hole in yo ass,fuck with my girl 
And i'm whooping yo ass pull up
always thought the punishment would be a little thinner
Forgetting they were both, cut from the same cloth
Ass whooping a must, cousins mom's was tough
Sneeze like achoo
Whooping your ass- Like Goldberg I'm in the view
out with one voice,
were gonna rock the house (rock the house) yeah yeah
the party's on (on),
now everybody make some noise
(yelling and whooping)

Measles make mumpy

Mumps'll make you lumpy

Chicken pox will make you jump and twitch

Common cold'll cool you

Whooping cough will fool you

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