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ni**a Romanio Dove
I was young brought up in this world that we living in 
Times I made good choices times I really didn't 
Either caught a whooping from
this whooping  
Grab my ass scratch my back bite my chest leave your marks on me  
She screaming yes as I stroke deeper  
Like a swimmer how I stroke in
17 05 2020
At exactly 8am
You came in at a whooping 4.04 kilos 
And I will always love you
Don't worry I'll be here 
What a journey
Welcome Baby Ezra
giving a whooping to Montell Griffin

Late hit, my title, they had to take it

(Why) I guess that's the only way I could lose

5 months later, rematch, I
In lust with pain, no instigator
Made love to birds, ate alligator
Caught pigeons first, whooping cranes later
Truth concealer
figured out dis ain't whatcha want sis
I beat ass and I do it for free
And that ass whooping is guaranteed 

Basically she cannot compare to me her 
Bitch ass boy, boy that nigga need a whooping 
And she sit on my face like a whoopee cushion 
I stick my tongue in and now that pussy gushy 
Broke up with
gota love the family, you gota love the love
You gota the ass whooping gota love the hugs 

You gota love the sunday dinner man who blessing the food

My nigga keep sending these beats, for me just to kill'em, it feel like a set up
Free my nigga he slide on a pussy, put lead in his body, lil
a steel, pulled on a trigger, They don't know how that shit feel
We steady duckin from shots, whooping the ops, Boy we was trained 2 drill
Servin feins right
Plotting on European decimals no Dewey
Float and I drove the flow with a buoy
Kung Fu whooping this beat like Huey
Boondockin' see the room dropping
of high roller 
Bigger spender in the house your
Feel me
Ready to spend whooping money
Hottest bitches, party all night, roof on fire
All doped up, fucked
San and as Mr. Miyagis pupil
I scrap ass whoopings from my cuticles
You don’t want smoke wit me son (Not at all)
Cause If this left hook connected
whoopings paid off
Cause now look what we created
Please excuse me as I ramble
I'm just deep in my thoughts
So deep that I ain't noticed the flashing lights
When my heart is going crazy

There are days when I wake up feeling lazy
And more (Moore) feelings 
Are whooping (Whoopi on) on my conscience like
Fuck you
Fuck you
You touch my little nigga I'm whooping yo ass too nigga

Bitch I feel like Chrollo nigga
Bitch I feel like Chrollo nigga
Yeah you know
you in fatal frame
Ammo belt so I'm feeling like dad nigga
Talk stupid on whooping your ass nigga
That shit leave your ass in the past nigga
That dick
the times I put brotherhood on the shelf
I dedicate to this verse to you, watching me over the years when you ain't have to
Whooping ass before my life could
of fortune yeah pass me the Febreeze
I ain't beefing with nobody but I'll butcher a bitch
Gotta ass whooping waiting baby go pick a switch
Coming for my neck
is what I'm looking for
Put some respect on the real ladies with the bushes
And if a brother disrespect go give his ass a real whooping
Send you back
Opened up
Cans of ass whoopings and a Folgers cup
Wake 'em up
Smelling fresh coffee bitches ain't come up
Quite like us
Niggas jack our steez but the cred
Donald Duck
In the ring there's no luck
DC was a big man then he got fucked
Then his girl came over and he got cucked

I gave him an ass whooping
Went home
of the bosses, you better be fast
Cuz if you are not, Imma punish your ass
Like I was your father I'm whooping your ass
I'm putting you down like the market had
Ima whisper in her ear ima get her real loose
I been whooping on whoever since way back then since they called me lil luke
Sippin on lean smoking like

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