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the books
Lil bitch I was poor
Raised with ass whooping
Bitch by the cord
Project baby I was trying
To afford
Living my life 
I'm a live through the course
people can't even be here 
Hope I ain't in jail or dead in 10 years

I remember back then, I was walking up and down Ramey 
Whooping niggas in my front
And I'm whooping ass without the belt
I then locked you up inside a cell
Until you join the fun, shit you might as well
Pay for my shit, join my clientele
mama though I took my ass whoopings with pride 
Im Gods child you know I'll be just fine 
Always heard all you gotta do is ask for a sign 
Ian lying I
smith with syphilis 
Finish him
God whooping they ass like Tekken
I forgot to check the oven to see if the cookies finished yet
I like em soft like
kill the vibe
And don't blow my mind
I might like to open a can
Of whooping ass
On a clown
All bullshit aside 
Believe it or not
We play wit shit
to you
Then you whooping all our asses
I'm laughing 
While I embrace those times with a passion
Auntie looking just like you
With a more southern accent
Still big shit talking, pimp limp walking
Bop looking like I got a big stick on me
My girl whooping ass if a bitch hit on me
And after that we planning
Pull up with lil shawty, got the nose ring

Frying up a hater like hasbrowns
Whooping up the beat like Pacquiao
Spit out the heat I need a fan now
don't smoke don't do nothin' that elicits a whooping
Yea was still gettin' those
If trouble found me, that shit'll have me petrified
Traumatized from them
on this crash course
I've been sick with it need a mask for it
But this ass whooping you won't fast forward
Don't play stupid this ain't news dummy
fuckin money you prolly should listen to me too

First showed at the volcano, whooping niggas asses like a Bruce lee kato
Or grandmasta IP, either way your
Elevation keep on elevating (Elevation)

I'm Spacely let me enter ya mind (Spacely)
Life whooping yo ass don't let it take it alive (No)
Your energy
Only thing I ever got for free was an ass whooping
Had to be the man for my moms cuz I knew that my dad couldn't
But I even mad granny raised
And I ain't twisting the truth beezy
I'm laying it down like the whooping a hater gets when he steps to me
Think I'm playing I dare you to please test me
over this rap, and if I don’t its unacceptable
Nah,momma won’t have that
If she was here she'd put the whooping to my ass-crack
I started off with dreams
motherfucking fame
Rap niggas whooping and hollering, real niggas know you ain’t about what you claim
I’m just saying what you actually do?
I’m an activist I’m
Order an ass whooping
McDonald's flash cooking
Now I'm smiling you cross that lining
Your order tooking
So who you see
I see nobody
Naw nobody
At every show 
I said listen
You took a full cast
You're fishing for an ass whooping
No I won't ask
I'm cruising down 3rd Ave
I know
take the 

Kids meal, know the toys come with that (bang)
Wow, niggas was overlooking, now I get shows to book me
You say you yola whooping. But I'm in
a student
If I was in school
I know my mom would give a whooping 
Aw dang
I just keep getting inspired
All day
And if my eyes are getting tired
No way
finishing school
She just turned around and then she started whooping my ass
I was the only one of all my friends who listened to rap
So I'd play Nas
them whoopings really hurt
We just want to know why the fuck you beat us
We just want to know all your secrets, tell the truth aye I'm just saying
with it all
My brother told on us both
Auntie was not with the games
I got a whooping and more
I gotta, aye look
I'm just speedin', speedin', speedin',

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