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Sneeze like achoo
Whooping your ass- Like Goldberg I'm in the view
out with one voice,
were gonna rock the house (rock the house) yeah yeah
the party's on (on),
now everybody make some noise
(yelling and whooping)
giving a whooping to Montell Griffin

Late hit, my title, they had to take it

(Why) I guess that's the only way I could lose

5 months later, rematch, I
they all chant
With the millions upon millions of Rock's fans
Get ready for the square dance, here's your chance
For a can of ass whooping, from
In lust with pain, no instigator
Made love to birds, ate alligator
Caught pigeons first, whooping cranes later
Truth concealer
figured out dis ain't whatcha want sis
I beat ass and I do it for free
And that ass whooping is guaranteed 

Basically she cannot compare to me her 
gota love the family, you gota love the love
You gota the ass whooping gota love the hugs 

You gota love the sunday dinner man who blessing the food

My nigga keep sending these beats, for me just to kill'em, it feel like a set up
Free my nigga he slide on a pussy, put lead in his body, lil
a steel, pulled on a trigger, They don't know how that shit feel
We steady duckin from shots, whooping the ops, Boy we was trained 2 drill
Servin feins right
Plotting on European decimals no Dewey
Float and I drove the flow with a buoy
Kung Fu whooping this beat like Huey
Boondockin' see the room dropping
Picture me as a youngin
Mommy whooping my behind
All because I drunk her Pepsi
It was hers and wasn't mine
Give me mine
Want my pennies want my
Uh, yo
While y'all was whooping Rico and looking up cheat codes
I was scheming on c-notes
Trying to get moms in the Bahamas
Seem like the drama came
of high roller 
Bigger spender in the house your
Feel me
Ready to spend whooping money
Hottest bitches, party all night, roof on fire
All doped up, fucked
I remember days picking on my name bullies want the fade punch em with a
Foil on my teeth I think Ima g momma whooping me crying til fall asleep
San and as Mr. Miyagis pupil
I scrap ass whoopings from my cuticles
You don’t want smoke wit me son (Not at all)
Cause If this left hook connected
whoopings paid off
Cause now look what we created
Please excuse me as I ramble
I'm just deep in my thoughts
So deep that I ain't noticed the flashing lights
this manner being friends was cool 
I need my 10 dollars back or you gonna get this 10 dollar ass whooping 
This aint the move Ive been led astray
When my heart is going crazy

There are days when I wake up feeling lazy
And more (Moore) feelings 
Are whooping (Whoopi on) on my conscience like
jump on my songs and get a whooping
I go hard
I'm new so I'm improving 
I ain't gotta say what I am the proof is in the pudding
I did what you wouldn't
bland is
I'll give you a whooping
Ow ow no ones looking
Cry for help, then I'm booking
I'll come back I'm not crooked
I've got this no rookies
where I lived, had to stutter
Got my life back on track now
Still got sum ass whoopings I should pass out
All dis pain in my heart, I wanna lash out
Smoking that OG gas
Still whooping ass I stay on guard
Pop pop pop
Catch the vibe its that cali life
Uh uh
But I came from the other side
Coming Straight
to the ground
Summer slam
This is ass whooping my son
It's not summer jam
Tag an artist who got bars
Man ain't that a scam
Ur an embarrassment to hip hop
Don’t mess with HES$, I’ll give u my rage
Faces need thanking, my wallet I'm banking
We don’t share a ranking, booty yeh I'm spanking
Whooping that ass,

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