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whooping your ass i'm the nicest
Diss me yep i'm hoping so
Battlefield is open yo
You get a bar, you get a bar, this shit be like an Oprah show (Ride)
He say
that shit sound like i'm rapping on my own beat
Since we from the same crib 
Momma ain't giving whoopings but you call this here a home beat
Sneaking off
long at the doctors
And all my socks are worn at home
I can't get up can't get off
Feel much sicker than the whooping cough

Who is your big green
Ahchoo and sneezing
Any more reason to kill em
My family they need me
They need me they need me
Handle my business and whooping they ass
Like one
the chains 
I'm whooping ass worldwide just call Liu Kang 
So all them diamonds in ya mouth will get you detained 
So now you standing with the judge
I'm not materialistic but I'm reading nem tags
A degree but feeling like a nigga fumbled the Bag cuz 6 months after school them loans Whooping my
They might have the whooping cough
They crap on my lap.
Oh! Please! My knees 
Are shat on, don't put your brat onto me, take it off! Take it off!
No kickbacks, in fact
I beat hoes blue black
Matter fact ask my daddy bout that whooping he got
So disrespectful
Coming to make collections
a checker piece
You gon' catch an old-school ass whooping like Tekken 3

Smoke one to the face
Emotions got me numb I feel like I can't feel my face
Get this
weigh the shit we tote, 'cause it'll break the scale
Let's get it busting in this bitch, we're gonna raise hell
I came from beans and rice and whoopings
into hitting dames
We both was little heathens
Needing Jesus then them whoopings came
Met Louis Quinn and then we tried to do this label thing
We tried
on track and it shows
I’m Young black and determined
On Sunday at a sermon
I was there cuz I knew my soul was hurting
Life was whooping my ass
There was
me to the hearse 
Lie me on my back
Let me speak to the boss
Hazy got me sounding like a baby with a whooping cough 
Stupid dropping off 
The storm
rappers across the planet
And provide these ass whoopings right before they can can it
Mass production then I ship it out to the masses
Get it refunded
line ready up straight to the ship I want the cup 
Whooping niggas blowing blunts I'ma get that gold and stunt 
Wtf you would too c'mon dude being true
I'm Whooping ya ass boy
Nigga you asked for it 
Moving in fast forward 
Slow down 
I'm all in my bag now 
Alla yall mad now 
Imma all ya'll dad now
the fucking curtains G

I'm whooping niggas ass well oops I mean they posterior 
In the foreign doing the dash with the wood grain interior 
I hear you niggas
whooping pa pa personal
talking shit like they really bout it 
But I been whooping niggas since kindergarten, nigga lets get it started
Im the same nigga that get on tracks and get
Upon a whooping cough of stellar dust
To bring back the cosmic cure 

We will line the streets
Time will rate a hero highly
For this great feat 
Whooping yo ass in tekken
While yo sister make me breakfast
Aint no worries in my life
On the south west of Texas
Living wreckless if i get arrested
and life got a love hate relationship
It be whooping my ass I be takin' it
Bout my cheese and my cake I been makin' it
Walkin' right into bands they be
think my dawg
Work at chase
The way he back and forth
Let me switch it up
Perk whooping my ass
Phone ringing
I can’t pick it up
Jigg caught his
whooping we can hand em
Taking the checks like we scamming

I gotta show the land that I'm hard again
I'm the king of the jungle
Getting this cake like I'm

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