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right hands keep it
Look I am simply on of the best
Can't even lie i can't vouch for the depressed
Just like zip-lock they get killed in the plastic
chaka then my right hands keep it

Look, I am simply one of the best
Can't even lie, I can't vouch for the depressed
Just like zip lock, they get killed
vouch for my accountant
And who I hold it down with

They told me to be humble, so I started humming (mmm, mmm)
Fuck you hoes, I came from nothin'
This ain't music that's made the stand on the couch, boy (boy)
This is somethin' that real niggas can vouch for (woo)
He ain't get one kite, he got
Bentley Coupe
Uh, yeah
Wrist on froze like "Ouch"
Got a car in the house like a couch
Been rich, your bitch can vouch, yeah
Now bring your scout, yeah
Every nigga in these streets know about me, they can vouch
I'm still wearin' Rees like I'm still out here sellin' rock
Like my Rees, you gon' let me tie
rap about these streets would vouch for me I'm sure
Clothesline in my backyard white tee, Reebok, dingy shirt
to find
When the time gets here, you'll vouch you in
It'd be a shame to start over again
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma
Ma ma ma ma ma ma, ma
As long as my credit could vouch, a dog couldn't catch me, straight up
Tell me who could stop when Dre making moves, attracting honeys like
blowin' up
Put that cross between your eyes
Thug life, bitch, you a gangster
I can vouch that you got fired, huh
Your life in danger
You gon' spank
my street people and convicts
I don't vouch for nobody, I just make sure I pay homage

Hey shorty, this nigga here's a vet like Shaq
I don't have
all turn 'round
And bust down to the ground
I've been busting my balls tryna put on for my town
Never put in the towel, put that vowel on my vouch
the town, put that foul on my vouch
But the judge man can try, don't nobody make a sound

I don't really care what everybody gotta say
I hear em talkin'
who need me, the same ones that doubted me
I been handlin' my own, they can vouch for me
Head way down with me, know that she proud of me
to stop fucking with em, they were leeches

Hottest nigga where I'm from
Zach Randolph can vouch for me
Couple labels, they done called for me
like girl, don't fuck that nigga, he gon' dog you (damn)

Streets will vouch, I'm that nigga (I am)
Front row Grammy's, I'm with Jigga
Back at home,
I was a ghetto child, wanted to be down with my peers
What I'm rapping 'bout the streets would vouch for me for real
I'm wild but I ain't doing
The 6 vouch (21, 21)
Yo' wifey at the slaughterhouse, we whippin' dicks out (on God)
She sucked me, then she sucked my brother, she got a big mouth
could call me to come get you
My nigga you missed Christmas
My nigga you missed Easter
My nigga you missin' out on your children
The streets vouch for
and the Twista and I'll vouch for him
That's me
And the T and I admit it cause no one out here
Could spit it just so I could spit it
Flow a just so could flow
love with a hologram

Gleamy looks
You can vouch me with your water
Purify me till your shiver
'Cause I've been seeing ghosts
Is this refined
and phones, catch the 30 piece from the jewelry
Free vouch but why they texting 'bout Lizzy body
Frank Lucas put flowers on Bump graves every Tuesday
as my credit can vouch
A dog couldn't catch me saying ouch
Tell me who can stop when Dre making moves
Attracting honeys like a magnet
Giving em eargasms
Ain't known for frontin', vouch for my behavior
Same way they get down, I get down for this paper
16 lean from my pen so you can test her
Still need

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