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as my credit can vouch
A dog couldn't catch me saying ouch
Tell me who can stop when Dre making moves
Attracting honeys like a magnet
Giving em eargasms
Ain't known for frontin', vouch for my behavior
Same way they get down, I get down for this paper
16 lean from my pen so you can test her
Still need
Mistaken for magic. Mistaken for magic.)


There's a system of symbols that no one will vouch for
Everyone uses, but no one believes
There's a dog in
to tha door
I say he real, I can vouch
They don't come realer than Donkey (Not Donk)
Got on tha stand for his blood (My homie)
Rest in peace to my Big
agreement when the tyrant holds forth
Look for a beacon from the North

Protect yourself
Vouch for every member of the team
This is just a momentary
down, fade to Blackstreet
The homies got RB, collab' creations
Bump like Acne, no doubt
I put it down, never slouch
As long as my credit can vouch
heard a lie from him
Better check the black and white that paperwork will vouch for him
Zero toleration for that nigga take his life from him
He don't
the X can vouch for me, that's a fact
I dropped my first mixtape and yeah, that shit ran laps
By the time I dropped The Bigger Artist, like seven
slimy for to be up on some hurtin' shit
He slang that iron, on 4K Trey, yeah I can vouch for jit
Slidin', you be in, so you be out, oh, I'ma talk my
Had to climb mountains, then build out
Used to bounce pass
Now it's funny how the ball bounce
All the real vouch
Bulldog come skatin'
Took my
On my block, best friends they kill each other
No slouch or homicide'll vouch ya
How I was raised, think I give a fuck about ya

Keep risin', keep
knew that (4X)

I say, "We gon' call that boy Rich Youngin'" (rich)
He got rich in six months, I can vouch (let's go)
Okay, you done got slick
round and start doubting me?
I kept it real from the jump, you can't vouch for me
I kept it real from the jump, you switched out on me
You switched out
outfit or more, watchin' out for the law, coz of this pouch full of raw, I don't care how much you love her don't, vouch for the whore, cause the first
and phones, catch the 30 piece from the jewelry
Free vouch but why they texting 'bout Lizzy body
Frank Lucas put flowers on Bump graves every Tuesday
(oh, oh)
Niggas tried to hide they documents
See Whitney died on bad terms, I wish we locked it in
I vouch to lose my life natural, not on the block
my work outside, she went and vouch for me (she mine)
She might cut her wrist off when she pissed off, 'fore she cancel me (she mine)
I was
never without gas
Heard it was a drought but it missed me, I'm 'bout that (it missed me)
Know all the plugs, any stoner can vouch that (anybody)
on the couch
Got a homie that I'm bringin' to the plug, gotta vouch
Got a homie that's gon' drive us there, said we gotta bounce
Got homies in the slums, got
and soul
The MC regulator, microphone detonator
My real live want to battle niggas take a vouch
Eighty Shieks, throw them joints and +Let Da fuckin Monkey
click sold drugs
Predicate felons in my faculty, real killers can vouch for me
Teach a kid at the crib or your children might cop an ounce from me
twisted in ice
Niggas is sheist but I psych 'em out
Though they like to doubt I make em all believers once I let the Tyson out
Cause I can vouch for only
of heaven and the devil is my final vouch
You'll hear the shouts

Here I go again, check me out
Here I go again, check me out
Here I go again, check me
planes but they not
Pay homage the founder in the house kid
A milf hunter ask yo momma she can vouch bitch
If she cool to fuckin' down rollin' the bony

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