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of them on they last buck
How can I stop showing you love cos you had bad luck
Anybody can vouch for me
Any hood I get mad love

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
bore him (Ouch)
Can't know him, I don't vouch, ayy
JD bag or that pouch, ayy
Might put a skeng in mum's couch, ayy
Big chain heavy, might slouch, ayy
Tail tucked 'tween your hind legs, your mama will vouch
You gotta let it go

You can't keep an eagle in a parrot cage
Nah, you can't tell a feather,
I've heard it said that opposites attract
Well her and me, yeah we can vouch for that
People look at her and wonder what the hell she's thinking
If you save them shots like my man did
Pronounce, I won't hear ouch
Been about, the opps can vouch
Spin around, bring the Glocks dem out
Lif' it
ain't gotta vouch for me, I'm gettin' mine
Key in the '63, watch it come alive
No fake Rollie, custom chains
After I get in her she be walking strange
Told mumzy don't worry at all
Step in the bando, "Honey, I'm home"
The local fields don't vouch
He won't get served, the cats unknown
I don't owe
Don't tell me you love me when you really don't
My youngin got fire, can't be lookin' bold
You can do some checks, they can always vouch
I ain't
the game ain't really been the same since the cadillac and 8 track
In line for the BJ, Outback
And outback of the place you can vouch that

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