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as this shit stack up
I'm handling business now you are my witness I don't need no one to vouch for us
Spray you with that cocky dust cause I know I am too
and the doubt
I'm with my lady and we with you lady and we bout might make her a spouse (yeah)
Her and her bestie can vouch (yeah)
All of us 4 we was
with your bitch ass friends
I'm just looking out for you yeah
This is where your story begins
I'm sure they could vouch for you yeah
Shit is getting
BWA and you know we came To play
Yeah its alfa pivet if they doubt Ya
Solo the great and yeah that be My voucher
You know that ima vouch for That
changes, for better and for worse
Seen good things lost forever, in our changing universe
One thing that can I vouch for, one thing I know for sure
in the coupe
I just shut down the malis and scousers
I'm back in the bando, I barricade doors (hahaha)
My nigga, my story is real, they can vouch
such Now call me righteous your grace is way to much
Think of exchange rates its truly the best offer I confess you before men, you vouch for me before
But once I loved a singer and I know just how you feel
For him to say so plainly what your heart can vouch is true
Means something is connecting you,
like me

Cause I'm the best
You'll ever have
I can vouch for that
So don't come to me
With your broken heart
I won't mend it, I'll just wring it
to Blackstreet
The hornies got at me collab creations bump, like acne
No doubt, I put it down never slouch
As long as my credit could vouch
A dog couldn't
you've been playing much to hard for me to take 

How could you lie to me 
Your actions don't vouch for what you say 
I'm just like a child
and can't wait to understand
In times like this I vouch for myself, because I know no one else can
I find myself in question
Sometimes I lose control
at the starboard side
If you only vouch for me
On this golden night,
on this golden night,
Oh my burning eyes

I see souls in spirit golden
I see souls in
still the same, I'm hollerin' free Lil Bop, nigga
Stood up like a man up in the can and make they can vouch, nigga
Shared a cell with plenty opps
with high

Hood legend, household name
Presence is felt, real niggaz vouch for my pain
Ahead of myself, what else is there about this game
vouch for ya, lets go, nigga!

[Hook: Stat Quo] + (Obie Trice)
This is for my bitches and my dogs
Gettin' cheddar fuck the law
Stay on ya feet and never
heads'll vouch for 'em
They know me
And the shit that I'm on
Cause I've seen it all
Like I bought the boxed set, whole season dog
Them bitches is
Never had a vouch from Dre but nigga I'm still rich as fuck
On the deep web on Black Box
Million dollar juug that's cake walk
Wireless net like
vouch, I'll leave you hog tied
From the South where they claim, barbwire fences
My lil' dawg locked down
And they gave my lil' dawg a wild wild sentence
vouch your mind, took his time, told him give me that
Rest in peace Simi, wish I could get Simi back
Run with the pack tryna boost up my cardiac
granny careless just about, say he'll never make it out
Of the hood and had a handful of aunties that can vouch
Young nigga named Malcolm, all his homies
Semi on the couch, 3 bullets up in the cartridge
Four runnin the house hopefully God can vouch for us
We outlaws
Dropped out of school so momma
vouch for Ak
While you diggin' in your couch for crack, I attack (what?)
Smack raps out the park like Mark McGuire
The crowd needs ignitin', let AK
Fifty sack and a nick can vouch for it.
We keep it critical.
If you hard core: spit it out, out, out, out.
Doc, who be arousin' police?
My underground

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