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I will not sign this
My vouch is like gold and you couldn't shine it
My house is a home and you're uninvited 
You hide it but like it or not
And there's money to vouch
However Money Matters for whatever I need to recline 
Fuck a 9 to 5 not the Life for 
I maintain regardless the Weather cuz when it
location was shown, I didn’t vouch for this

Now my whole day has been blown

Nigga, I’m out this bitch
out here 

& ain’t nothing out here

I can’t vouch for ‘em 

Don’t know how the hell you do that but I need in

You like white-Benz on a Sunday 

to vouch for me, and I'm still tryin' figure out

Still tryin' get around still tryin' let it out 
Eyes in my shoes I'm seeking that longevity 
God in
on the motherfucking couch,
i'm like a shrink got hash in my pouch
always got drinks no shit i vouch

but i'm tired of 5am,
don't try i'm conveying
i ain't pushy but
vouch for you
I go sign the check
Let's get it

All my life
I like the money and the Maybach
I know one day hustling will pay back yea
I make the money I
And you know they can vouch 
Yeah, Marko been that new bounce 

This my life 
Cannot waste in on the bullshit 
This my life 
Come up 'till it hit
words birds hum to mumble zero
One one
Zero zero
One one
We don't fit the binary finally done done apologizing
Diving into couch you can vouch for
It would
If you
A saint
They would
Form o
You just
Have to
Put your
Self first
And them
The few who vouch for me are
on the corner like I'm grounded 
you aint did shit not at all that i can vouch wit 

I aint buy no Russian cream I got the stouts lit.

I aint got no russain
Most of my former employers will vouch for my work ethic
Then they'll tell you I resigned cause I was chasing a song

Chasing a song ain't for
wouldn't be long  I knew it wouldn't be long

now im back yall wanna be buddy buddy  but when i was down u couldn't vouch for me got it then u had it out
kept it silent, EVEN they can vouch for me
Prayin to the lord like get these devils off of me

Better act like you know me nigga

I can tell why you
to bring all this reefer in
Pull out the shotgun and take off a nigga limb
We show no mercy for no motherfuckin' men
If he not Circle, then I cannot vouch
Hop in the audi A5 with the top back, u can ask my nigga mdg, he'll vouch that, slidin thru the lanes, ridin down east rodeo, got some berners

You ain’t gotta vouch for us

My nigga would really blown

You and your rounds up 

Up in the ground

Like who want sprout with us


Over galaxies

Have no
Grasp on

Battle Me
My apathy

Wait I don't
Need a
Ta vouch for me
awhile back I would've murked yuh
I vouch for me an mine
'Til the gavel drop down
An judge gave my time since I hogged up
The ripper
The last time I heard
stylish, Model it,
Hold my dick like a 64', peace to all my baby's mamas,
But really though, I'm a damn fool, 
And G's can vouch that, up in the ghetto
Laden's taken the fall
We're not trained pilots at all
Jafar went crazy and no one put up a fuss
We're for freedom, Genie can vouch for us
Bush was
up I need counseling! (I swear I do)
And who gone vouch for me? O.G.'s and the real niggas! (I swear they do)
I know drug dealers who really kill
Me, my team can vouch for me (they can)
If the tigers are hiding dragons then crouch for me (uh huh)
Federalis on our tail, but I doubt they'll swarm in
ya screaming it can vouch
And we say that we just friends
But have routine mouth to mouth

You keep it plain and simple no relationship
The most

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