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A Voice Like Rhetor…  


Rhetoric of Reason  


the rhetoric
That they've claimed and sold
While the fools rule in praise
The globe has warmer days
I lift my fist to find the solace
Fight twisted tongues
always gets it's way

War machine you can't break me
You can't have the world I love

Watching the clock just tick
Blockhead rhetoric
The life
didn't get to kill you
Rhetoric, better look both ways
I gotta get an arm through, stain

What the fuck is up? Get the fuck away
Run if you want
I have a confession to make
I've never been the kind of kid
Who likes to buy what you're selling to me

And all of this rhetoric about loving you
and vain
An emotional stain
Strange how you pollute me
Fill me with your rhetoric and shame
Now, I see it clearly
Everything, everything was a lie
Oh me oh my
Get out of your 1950's fantasy,
Your face shines with misery
Spew out that sobering
Half-assed victim rhetoric
and rhetoric, surely do you no harm
They're hopelessly human, both inside and out
A joyous occasion, there's no reason to doubt
When each word is read, would
This soul was born for battle
My heart was built for war
These eyes see through the lies
Filled with disgust

Strip back the utopian rhetoric
Lord, if you don't help me I can't get through this
I can't
Lord, I'm too old for games
Foolish wisdom

And I'm tired of rhetoric, meaningless
So far so good oh well 
So you're in love what the hell 
Someday I can retry this gut rhetoric outtake 
Why must I feel disgrace please wipe that
nobody else
Then a ray of action sped rhetoric that'd make you feel sick
Now I don't know what to say that'll turn against
I don't know what to say yet now
Oh my God in blood soaked silhouette
Oh my God on the end of a bayonet
Oh my God put wings on the rhetoric
Oh my God, I'm alright

No pity,
on rhetoric...
Not well versed on topics...
Any idea what you're talking about?
Revisions of history
Fair well in some company
But don't shove that bullshit
different, the rhetoric the same
But we swallow it, and we see nothing change
Nothing has changed

10 million dollars on a losing campaign
20 million
the rhetoric of government
May keep us worlds apart
There's no misinterpreting
The language of the heart

Love in any language, straight from the heart
Pulls us
time for Phony Rhetoric
this is no time for Political Speech
This is a time for Action
because the future's Within Reach

This is the time
this is
the rhetoric of the churches
And the state, and in the media
Where they believe
Peace is war, love is hate
Yes means no, and segregate
A life is a dime
Stark raving mad with angry faces
Hangin' out at all the usual places
Dropin' all the slogans from the hip
reciting the best written rhetoric
to suck my pain, loving me to keep you sane. Collapse into a lifetime of easy answers. Beating me over the head with your rhetoric. Deep seeded answers for
Time to share a story from this odd balcony
And we'll make it tasty with sweet melodies
Add the sardonic wit and costume rhetoric
And we'll giggle
the only chance we have

Look back and laugh, what the
Fuck have we done? The shits too
Deep, and it's too late to run
This mindless rhetoric, with
Anything goes?
I have tried to heal my misery
I've lost my everything
I've lost my everything

With rusty nails for rhetoric
You're armed with
different, the rhetoric the same
But we swallow it, and we see nothing change
Nothing has changed

10 million dollars on a losing campaign
20 million
Racist breed

His dominance of ignorance
Was rhetoric that made no sense
Some believed in all the lies
But in my mind I know what's wrong
Way too

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