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A Voice Like Rhetor…  


Rhetoric of Reason  


sex like a sedative 
Repetitive like rhetoric 
I'm bettin' ya think ya nice 'cause you give free add-vice right? 
But unless you got a tight
she's God 
Passing me a flyer talkin' 'bout the Messiah 

She want to take me higher 
Keep your rhetoric in the heavens 
Look and see a bro' with
me in the struggle
Whether I'm glad or sad I'mma always love 'em
The game is so fuckin' treacherous
A buncha bullshit niggaz, fuck y'all rhetoric
Passing me a flyer talkin' 'bout the Messiah
she want to take me higher
Keep your rhetoric in the heavens
look and see a bro' with a fro like Michael
shit out though this shit is really twisted
Funny thing is that you and I do it every minute
We take it in rhetoric every time somebody says shit
these OG's with seeds that
be fat, need that, Artifacts CD black

[Tame One]
My theoretical medical rhetoric is terrible, but bearable
Instead of sheddin
A town near you 

With 20 Grand (Pikasoe), man it's etiquette 

Snatch your mouth off, for rhetoric 

I hold the greets from the street 

missing hits
Illegitimate at hitting licks
Gold neck full of hidden gems
In the gym like I'm gettin' ripped
My rhetoric, nigga let it drip
A half
of Russian Roulette
Radical reconstruction is in effect
Raggin you rappers wou use reproduction of rhetoric
Rattle you to reduction beyond replenishment
Rhetoric said
Read just a bit ago
Not quittin' though
Signed the hard rhymer

Work to keep from gettin' jerked
Changin' some ways
To way back in
the pollution and let the rhetoric grow
So your records get sold and with each blow
You give, adds tad more gold to eat whole out of your cracked peach bowl
As we
tha game
Streets of Malaysia recognize and represent my name
Mad unbelieveable skills
Many be witness to my poetic rhetoric skills
As and when me come
It must be nice to not have to consider race
It must be nice to have time to contemplate the stars
Pastor, your color-less rhetoric is a cop out
deserve no credit
It's not embedded in their genetics
It's with their proper hip-hop should he only speak the rhetoric
It's MC Karuzo, DJ Sikk, produce
Open up this lyrical automatic and put holes in your rhetoric
It's archaic, kind of chaotic, almost barbaric
But yet you stand and you swear by it
But what we need to do, is put that mouth on a betta bitch
You heart the rhetoric, Jigga hit me over the head
With a champagne bottle at the bar, can he
even touching my safe
But I ain't gon' lie, the head was sick
But what we need to do, is put that mouth on a betta bitch
You heart the rhetoric, Jigga
With sensational glory, let me tell you all one day
That it is it ain't boring, and so hard to ignore it
Cause any day in this fork, that they
eternal evil concerned with thievery
Medieval prehistoric rhetoric well we ahead of that
Lay it down with soundwaves that pound pavement
the rain in the days in the valley of Columbus
The all-natural cosmetic, supernatural gi-netic
My genes, by all means, they backpass synthetics

Makin rhetoric comin through shit we done did 

Cause I lay laws down like the mayor do 

Boy look I'm buck wild 

Plus I got mo styles
guessin the expression is plain as steel
Look at the metal, the metal, the metal
Now let me go grab it before we collide
The rhetoric, never be hesitant
wouldn't represent to the end
To the very bitter end, to the very bitter end

Right wing fundamentalists, oh
We don't like your rhetoric, no
You man are
or repetitive
Rhetoric you give, just let it live
Yet my head is poundin'
I'm dealin' with this load on my mind

I got a head full of headaches, a heart that's

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