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A Voice Like Rhetor…  


Rhetoric of Reason  


your teeth full of rhetoric and doubt carry on like little creature in the fields of our love
The rhetoric
The theories
It hurts me, yeah!

Be my, be my,
Be my dark angel
Be my, be my
Loose of sign
BE my, be my
American concubine

I am happy
inside a book
And this can only be true because you would never look
You can stand on you head and spout the rhetoric
But the only problem you have, is
It's that evil rap nemesis, putting together sentences
Let it be said a bit with the excellent rhetoric
It's that evil rap nemesis,
I once had a friend
They found him in a car
A hose to the window
And the motor running hot
Seems he couldn't take it
The rhetoric of life
I'm not a leader, 
I'm not a left-wing rhetoric mobilizing force of one, 
But there was a time way back, 
Many years ago in college, don't laugh,
The only problem is your fuckin' rhetoric
We're more in danger than before you took power
Now it's just a game
God, you'll never change
You'd sell
an ordinary coward
The only problem is your fuckin' rhetoric
We're more in danger than before you took power
Now it's just a game
God, you'll never change
to feel?

Automate all of the fears
Scan our tears
We are my eyes and ears

See how the lovers click
Totem to pick
Monitor sexual rhetoric

Up in
Relying on rhetoric, not well versed on topics
Any idea what you're talking about?
Revisions of history, fair well in some company
But don't shove
echo in the things you say
You might've killed the heart but you left the brain

Your words are making me sick
No more lies, enough with your rhetoric
against the wall

But it's not to pathetic with your teeth full of rhetoric 
And doubt carry on like little creature in 
The fields of our love
from the storm
Sent off to die in perfect form
We know now what we have known!

Satellite photos, rhetoric
See how the euphemisms stick
And when
Pinned to the mat and now you're out

Missed the boat with the red flag waving
Rhetoric seeped in and scathing
Sorry for always saying sorry
Way too
to believe that this is how life should be

I don't wish to spew this rhetoric, I've been damned with this voice
I don't wish to be filled with hatred, I've
Psychobabble, legal-ese 
People earning Ph.Ds 
In Postmodern Paranoid Confusion 
Self-indulgent rhetoric 
Talk and talk until we're sick
your pamphleteer

I walk this room in time to the beat of the Gestetner
Contemplate my next communique
The rhetoric and treason of saying that I'll
the rhetoric alive
Godless dictator bowing down to some new world order
Retire with a pension across some neutral border
Another lesson taught by the fist
the rhetoric and shells
Of exploding heads and sand bags
Thrown by bigots, green by blue bands

Close the batons, fill the jars
Seal the windows, lock
Than every once
Of your heart
Though horses could easily pull me apart
No rhetoric and no gold for bards

Digging for carrots in the moonlight like
Chief Buddha
And see through the overspecialized

No lie texturized
Emcees who got the masses mesmerized
With empty rhetoric
The rhetoric of martin king just saint around no more

Dave Bowie ain't here James Baldwin neither
They all were leaders
But they ain't help me get this
incompetent styles not embedded
Wu-Tang slang bangs in your brain, this is not genetic, prophetic
Unadulterated talent while y'all talk that bullshit rhetoric
will help us all move on
I sense excitement cause the time is drawing near
Transcend this ground we live upon
Mr. Applewhite your rhetoric was tired

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