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A Voice Like Rhetor…  


Rhetoric of Reason  


is just a little bit tongue tied

And when the emperor's new rhetoric
Rings hollow in the night
It's just the redacted cadence of freedom losing
of their own urges
Where sex gets buried under rope and cloth, rhetoric emerges
Reconcile the truth
Recognize the true deviants and sing
Father forgive
She is a lunatic
She'll wreck your body and she'll break your soul
Despite her rhetoric
She won't be happy till she's taken control

It was all
and you're mine,
With a silent rhetoric,
We wish away our time.

You load me down,
You load me down,
You load me down with my regrets,
I'm like a ship
important tasks of barfing rhetoric on shiny table tops as our collars and turtlenecks choke us right there in the coffee shops. winter will not wait for you.
always here

Stick the rhetoric with those old slick politicians

We're magicians

We make reality disappear

Suspend belief - it's a must
Can't you see it's my time, no more rhetoric
That's right.
Crime, salvation

Pride, salvation
Contrived rhetoric speech
The unlettered masses conforming
Rank and file members
Fearing change
But questioned their own faith
This morning

charming, dear, disarming, dear
Alarming to see
You're lazy, you're limp, baby
Your mind is crazy for me

My rhetoric, so magnetic
to the rhetoric you speak

You can't believe it's just another way that you get high
Swimming for the shore, you're already there, can't you see?
out their words So proud are the hearts u nmoved by songs and ideals? Wading through the rhetoric to clutch something real
up with nobody to kill
The rhetoric stops tonight

I'm overthrown
I'm over your throne
I'm over it

Sick, sickened, I'm sickening, I'm stricken
ghosts from a hatred past in your simplistic shallow rhetoric, and yet another 
Who has sold his humanity for the same old fucking ignorance. 
Racism is
Boardroom animals bobbing for cash 
Familiar rhetoric of unapologetic lawlessness 
Artificial hands authorize themselves 
Miscalculated figures
behind the rhetoric
Patriotic anesthetic
Blinded crowds fall for the trick

Parades and uniforms
Masking internal crisis
Afterming foreign threats
If we don't act on our ideas than they're just words we sing
Fuck your rhetoric of reason your banner and your plea
'Til you know the truth, know
from you to me its a perfect 10
And I'll never again

They say its better to be fucked up
Then let down
But our rhetoric speaks so loud
We have
Behind all valor, behind all your words and your pain and behind this christian rhetoric, there is a rage that will conquer.
You are the conqueror.
Unseen, visions of catastrophe

Their vile rhetoric is noxious
So nauseating and toxic
Spewing their bile it is sick
? their backwards logic
Hellfire rains down on our adversaries
Direct response to their ancient decree
We know the rhetoric, we've heard the alarms
We need no government to lead us
Sometimes I stare
I swear I saw a flash
A tiger in the sky

Tonight It's all a waste
Rhetoric and drunks
A bitument to taste

I stumble while
chief buddha
And see through the overspecialized, underpressurized
No lie texturized, emcees who got the masses mesmerized
With empty rhetoric, they
see it, fuck that cheap rhetoric

Ooh ah, ooh ah, go back to bed
Ooh ah, ooh, you're sick in the head
Ooh ah, ooh ah, go back to bed
Ooh ah, ooh, you're
what reason

Compelled, can we clean up this mess
The loss of loved ones a perverse request
They continue the same rhetoric
These derelicts that

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