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A Voice Like Rhetor…  


Rhetoric of Reason  


With words they try to jail you
The subjugate the meek
But it´s the rhetoric of failure

We are spirits in the material world
[Are spirits in
Huge tailspin is the world gonna win?
Is the nation gonna open up and let us in?
Hard luck! your policies suck
Your rhetoric will save your face,
their rhetoric you fade, =
They prosper.
They're shaping you - you're trapped with "pomp and circumstance"
Lose your discretion.
Soon, you'll not fall
way of life
Twisted rhetoric, I won't subscribe

Refuse to be denied
Refuse to compromise
Your ideology always a lie
Imperialistic, colonialists
you're still the same

I can't think of anything
That makes me more upset
People talk all this rhetoric
Forgive but not forget
I don't rape, and I
Hey mister, don't point at me
You shout rhetoric nonsense like a Pavlovian model
Responding to his questions

Hey teacher, arrogance is bliss
No dignity

Cruelty without beauty
Cruelty without beauty

Archaic rhetoric your weak defense
Your victims have no choice, no voice
Look in
all change
But your rhetoric is extraordinarily tame

If time can change you
To feel profound
About counting value
Better you

Yes better you
of anger. The feeling's lost inside your vain big-headed dreams of grandeur. You're still stuck on trying to save the world. Politics without rhetoric, seeing
Consideration made swept away like the tide dig into the mud if you must 
Find a foothold truth is a cancer to the heretic crush his rhetoric death
Tasted, tasted
The smoothest skin
Waking up nauseous
From my own rhetoric

Here's to pissing on all fours
While sparing time until the last call
We've reached a time where rhetoric
Holds greater value than evidence
From the Bible to Government
Instilling fear in the idiots

The feeding hand is

A nation bows to the altar of trash
A fool's golden god that needs to be smashed
Lips always pursed spewing rhetoric
In the simplest
ignore our country's history and the future, 
Which you spite, of its equality. 

So it bothers me. 
When you open your mouth derogatory ugly rhetoric
When the winner comes to call
How they scream in frustration
Then thousand reasons why
The rhetoric is endless
I see the laughter in your eyes
to cross it

And I hope, that I will never let you down
And I know, that this can be more than just
Flashing lights and sounds

Rhetoric can't raise
Infiltraitor reclaims the rhetoric.
Infiltraitor turns the kindness milk.

A now and later policy
Suits privileged contingency.
A now
what a joke those caught dipping in a trust fund won't go
broke all this rhetoric is so hard to bear when the fool assumes a high and mighty air
Was there a time that we know peace
When all the children had a place to sleep
When rhetoric was not enough?

Was there a time we weren't at war
On TV, we see Baghdad bombed

Points of light and talk of angels
It?s rhetoric, it must be told
I'm talking about my generation
Hope we grow up
And damn that high tech equipment

[verse 3]
And the rhetoric
From one sided politricks
From a government on some ol
World war 3 trip
If I was there id quit
the bigotry with talk, talk
Incite the darkness from the veil
React to rhetoric conflict
Object with anger at the law

War of words
War of words
don't have to be a racist, to be a nazi fuck
your mindless nationalism gives you credentials enough
you spew your right wing rhetoric, when we got your
Using the gift of rhetoric
I drown you with my complications

Through a perversion of liberty I offer you monarchy
In the name of reality I

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