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going to end up getting a notice in the morning
Your hair is real pretty, but your head is so sloppy
Fuck a book baby, I'm trying to read your body
Exposing to swat locusts from the hopeless
Think their intentions are cloaked, we won't notice
That they think we're better as prisoners than voting
old sheep
But not today, I got a lesson to teach
Pretended not to notice til he got within reach
Then I spun around quick, took him out with a sweep
I notice my progression
Small changes like a bonsai tree
I'm placing bets, never wonder what the odds might be
And I'll be damned if I let you play my
notice it, the fog starts lifting
Moments like this, they never do last
So I try not to focus on the past
But the past couple days it's been creeping back
you see he drinks the wrong beer 
Don't you see he doesn't understand you 
I try so hard to get you to notice me
But you bring the same people over
Is this thing working right
Hold my head back

Notice a stir up in my stomach that
Set off alarms to make my heart attack
I feel the blood flowing
(sure does) creep up
Before you notice
I'm honest as fuck cuz I had my heart stolen
I wounded
I'm open
Just like you shorty if not posing
When I feel shit
the bottom
I hope you get the worst of my first world problems 
I notice you avoiding me and never callin’ me back
Even when we were dating I was still treated
ain't question
The government intentions
I see it in the the methods
I notice the oppression
Yuh that's why I do what I can 
They try to follow the line
Your vibe is so controlling 
I almost didn't notice 
How the hell did you just change my mind
My heart it feels so programmed 
Are you in or are you
You met me around here
You know you met me around here
And you didn't notice me at all
And as the evenings'd fall, they choked me up

But forget it
the tide don't get high as us anyways 

Pacing around this empty home
you don't notice me 
I got my endo
Like I gotta side boo 

I never had time to, think
only want me
When all your fucking problems get overwhelming
You think that I don't notice cause you don't tell me anything
And I don't wanna know
I wonder what if he might 

One two three then the magic dies
Didn't notice his changing mind
I should have known he don't mean to share
What made
Share the seeds of higher truth that's what we do
Fill the stars with righteous lies

You don't seem to notice
But the world you knew has changed
the vision girl you may take a peek 
Just don't let it leak, don't let it leak 
Hold you by your hips through your torso 
I notice that we end up here more so
can't fool your heart

She steps on the bus that day
She smiles and says that she's doing okay
But she pretends not to notice the whispers and glances
Cuz even when I'm closed off 
I still keep you closest 

Wanna see you at the door 
Like a host or hostess 

I'm woman crushing 
Do you care if
Cold footsteps
Are left cross my floor
As I notice
That you ain't here no more
Oh no
A sense of distance
And disbelief
Fill the room around my heart
a bonus
Better pay attention and notice
All the details are important

This project for my friends, yeah
Wish them all the best, yeah
Duces to who left,
Song list is buffering
Sunlight it comforts me
Coated and covering
Notice the suffering, comes with age

Journals write themselves
Dust upon
notice the time

And these days
I've had a miserable way
Of looking at things
And these days
I've had miserable way
Of looking at things

And I'm not sure
down then rip me apart
And nobody will notice 'cause it's all in my own head

I know you're out there, I know you see
You never fail, so is it me?
I know

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