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in vibrant colors even though you know the red will fade

You look at me with such intensity
I can't help taking notice
At how your body starts
and that wish is you
You a hoe with an oath you never feeling blue
You love roses I notice you are one of the few
You the type that doesn't leaves any
the one I love
Oh, Hannah

She knows she's fit and she makes the most of it
And she doesn't notice me one little bit

Goddamn her
I missed my
it though 
Please can you notice me 
Please can you comment a likes not enough for me 
Please can you show me some love I'm not loving me 
Please can
your statement right 
I notice everything and your the type to call up me at night and tell that your proud of me 
Like where were you before when I had
learned to fuck up all my dreams, that's a lucid lesson
Things change, thought I wouldn't notice
Guess everybody like to wait until I'm good and hopeless
i'm extravagant
And that is it
The beat just like some groceries 
Chop it up like it's poultry 
When i eat it up 
Now you notice me
My lyricism poetry
like the most of importance mostly sit at home and just play some Frankie Ocean 
May have passed you bout a thousand times but I ain't never notice 
And I see you from a distance
You did not notice my entrance
And I'm running and I'm bumping into everyone
Trying to reach you but when I get there
addicted to feeling pity for peons
Just tell me when will you grow up? Hit me up when you notice
You're just so precious, indebted, you think you that you
the bitches in the 610 are gunna want me a little
They would notice if I posted more but I stay to myself
Sneak dissin on ya tracks but you thought I'd stay
Off 3 xans, lookin jet lagged, better get back
Skate across his feet, step back, step back
Razor blade taped on my wrist, catch a fade
Call any
we got the same last name we not on the same Paige... hey 
Working but you'd never notice
Tryna learn to Let go shit
Don't be on Snapchat, I been
at the bottom
Make you notice what you got
I see special kids with talents
To addicted to the latest
I'm sitting here religiously
Just studying the greatest
to notice 
But that's history
Study it 
Niggas really struggle with 
Some shit you never though of 
In the winter you so bundled but 

It's fine finding
mean it's 4am and a nigga cannot sleep
I know it's late as fuck but I need you close to me
I know you have a man but you gotta notice me
I could be
there was nothing to protect
I probably should’ve let you in my heart
You wouldn't hurt me
Finding homes in humans left us homeless
No eviction notice
Cause I never stick around
So where do I go
Where do I go
I'm waiting all alone
And what can I say to make you notice
I'll never be at home
Where do I go
know I’m not alone
Never meant to throw the first stone
Knocking on an open door
Throwing stuff right out the window
Waiting for you to notice me
this yo peep show
Holly shit I’m obsessed nah it’s just a Jesus test
If you ever notice me I promise we’ll get married
I’ll stay at home fix the food I
notice it
I'm broken you know that it's my faith
Stay with me even if you fail
Stay with me and let me understand
And now I'm barely breathing
will not be late
Hold Up
'For you leave, I notice your friends on the way
But can I convince you to cancel your Uber hangout with Me maybe come back
live my calling out loud it's on Speakerphone

Austyn Michael man
Born Brilliant

Look, A lot's happened, take notice 
Define action, break's over,
See this beautiful, elegant woman
Is making me take notice
She defines the meaning of fly
Got a swagger about her
That makes me lose my mind
From her

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