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know that's my damn spot
Everyone asking for features they up in my DM but that was a bad shot, ay
You talk down on me but you think I don't notice, ay
shrink to the size of an ant
And nobody would notice
Where I am
And I'd walk on the walls from place to place
And I'd tell myself I'm not a waste of space
the ones that was close to me
I was all alone and down bad they didn't notice me
And I swear that shit really cut me so deep
Cause I thought we was running
can't get much better
Somewhere along the way I notice something's amiss
She presents her boot and I commence to kiss it

Says she wants to be a dancer,
I can't smoke nan
And I didn't even tell my brother we go out a nigha holding 
I bought a pistol and start toting eighteen getting eviction notices
may end

So you step out of the shadows
To give the world your company
No one notice
How much it hurts
But please don't wish us all to hell

I'm making you pussies homeless
So turn in your two week notice
I got supercalifragalistic bitches on my grown dick
Thought I was saved but I really
If it doesn't matter, Tina, then why even hold my hand
If it doesn't make you a believer, then why even pretend
It's like the winter made you notice
on a journey

No I'm not even close to what is perfect
I'm just trynna' do what's right cuz it's worth it
In the end you baby you will come to notice
shoulda notice the signs 
Right in front of my face face
I shoulda let you go the first time you walked away 
All the things that I coulda did
Shoulda did I
about it, all you've never had 
Over early morning coffee and burning blunt wraps 
As times ticking, you notice things 
About yourself that over the last
river canyons
Are reflections in your eyes
In your eyes

Long i've wondered if we'll 
Ever really notice
How these worlds of ours collide
Can we touch
Caught a glimpse of a weightless man

And I notice everyone's eyes
Out of focus, like they're barely alive
But they'll make their mark
Except that

I, notice the moment you leave, but I know you don't
And I still, get butterflies when you're around, you're me down

Just so you know, just so you
to wander, I picture your face

Saying goodbye, for one last time
Leaving it all behind

I never did notice the beauty around
And as it's fading, the colors
locust in the lotus
Know you pussy negus notice

Issa glass house, Im'a golem
Imma' mash out, bitch I told em
I came out that water like Moses
Shit get
don't notice, fuck that shit, where the party at
Where the liq, where the weed, where the molly at
Ain't slept in days, and you proud of that
Celebs in
didn't even notice my kicks
And still, I'll find you your fix
Your stress is my stress cause I love you
What's good can't come easy so I trudge through
prolly notice 

Like who mad at
Cause you see we road you where yo ass at
I just be grinding and getting to the business
Was broke but I passed that 
I wrote this while ridin' the go bitch
I ain't really ride with that hoe shit 
I'm bout to go till you know this 
I'm bout to go till u notice
never choke nigga I keep going 
Got my name on come up if you didn't notice (aye aye) 
If I get a chance i'mma go and get it when I'm on my knees
I only
approaching me 
(He steady) 

Been in the game but it's no coaching me 
(No coaching)
Put in work, now they notice me 
(They noticed)
Stayed down perfected my
notice (Huh)
Standing in place locking up in a gaze could be floating for days
Let the fairy tale play I don't wanna turn the page

I don't mean
then they don't and that's fine
And even if I cave, you won't notice anyway
Because you don't bother reading the signs
Cause every word I say means

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