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From the time that it took for you to notice from the time it was clear that we both did seemed so strange that we would hide it 
but it felt too
grilling him in his BM for stealing our listening freedom
He's disagreeing with Napster  acts to block it
But notice, the only artists complaining seem have
What's another day. I can go away tomorrow and they won't notice anyway. 

But wait what if i stay. You can make whatever choice you want if you don't take
takin' notice cause we spittin' flames explosive
Gettin' famous fo' it paparazzi camera frames in focus
(Pharaohs'll fold ya) The sharpest of hand-writers
all my Facebook friends, cause I'm hip

I'm hip but  not weird
Like you notice, I don't have a beard
My beard made me look like a dude
Just keeping it
Verse 2 - Tia
Two of us together is overdue 
You're the only one that I open to 
Got a lot of haters, I notice you

Aye aye aye 

Suh ease ma way
I notice my fingers start to tremble
I feel butterflies that meet
With knees that are much to weak for standing
And lungs that can barely breath

works, he notices Jesus across the harbor
With a gathering crowd
Pointing with his chin, he tells Andrew 
There's that carpenter from Nazareth
Who had
I go

Only want to get to know you before I'm gone

Keep me in the lines
87 on the 405
Acting like I didn't even notice
You were reaching out your
My cat looks at the window yeah he just sits and stares
Oh I can't help but notice he just sits on his chair
Sometimes I think about all his cute
doing pamper
she wanks me off & still calls me a wanker
man are saying bare stuff
am i supposed to care
i got to many patterns to notice theirs
i don't
Aren't you somethin' to admire?
'Cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror
And I can't help but notice
You reflect in this heart of mine
If you
never notice all the little things you do? 
do you think that I am oblivious, that I'm a tongue-tied, love-struck fool?           
well, you know you're
You see I'm living for the bonus
If you didn't notice
I'ma keep the focus
Drippin' is the slogan (yea, yea)
I'm just on my own shit
chiggas under your belt now you see me

High speed 상대가 안 되지 우리는 beast
빨리 notice us 동부와 서부의 MVP
숙제보다 즐긴 프리스타일 look ma now I'm a star
비밀 매번 나는 sinning 지피지기
It was down by the river on the night we met
You had your friends all around you, I will never forget
I thought how will she notice me, so alone
totally captivated by Greta and the Medium Boys, he notices four vultures, dressed in black, in the corner: the terrifying jazz police! They chatter
getting my cream 
So keep this shit between the both of us 
It ain't nobody else business to notice us 
If I cop from my plug 
Make a couple hundred dubs
if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

I want you to notice
When I'm not around
You're so fuckin' special
can´t keep
It in time to save their lives 
but then you didn´t notice
you didn´t dare you stopped moving cause you didn´t care

And it´s a good night for
If one day you would notice me
My heart is close to breaking
And I can't go on faking
The fantasy that you'll be mine
I'm dreaming
That you're in
Frantic break-up
No goodbyes
I regret I
Left that night
We went back to
Being close
When her dad was

Without notice
She flew
I watch her as she bathes
Through the mirror in the room
She notices and smiles
We struggled getting up

We went to the opera
And then out for
Passions around in the city, notice their sounds 
Momentum steady     
Coming around, I say I’m ready   
Your love is loud and it holds sincere

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