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Foufou, j'suis pas raisonnable, arrêtez d'imprimer les notices, nous n'les lisons pas
J'étais malin avant d'être emprisonnable
J'ai idées claires
dragged under
And everyone in around you is too far away to notice
Your chest start to crash, oh, but it's alright
Oh, you'll be alright
So just
wonder why I ever tried to listen to ya
And you'll notice me as you try to seem
Better than everything you bet that I would never be
for peace
I been magazine cover posing up
No fatigue can't help but notice it from Magnolia to Mongolia
Hope the cops don't come approaching us
Forgot why I left without notice
It was easier that way

I forgot (For a minute, for a second)
I forgot (You think just nothing happened)
all my problems kick in
Just like dominos

Don't you notice how it plays out
Every single time?
It just adds up
Til' it all falls down

But I've
and I realise
When I pick up my things and I head on out again
You don't notice me, don't comfort me
It will only take a matter of time
Until I find
I can't help but notice that you want me
You know I can't give you what you need
Still you get wrapped up in misery
And I love it
the way that I'm feeling
'Cause sounds I hear at night, I don't notice in the day
All the dogs barking loud like they got something to say
Engines in
your nose bleed, yeah
I know she notice me, yeah
Standing in front of me, yeah
I'm from another sea
I know, I know
Diamonds will make you blind
a scrimmage gotta stay sharp
Often try to praise god, hoping that the pain stop
That be when I notice ain't no one gon' save the day dog
All you got is you
Yeah (it's the one instrumental)
Yung Lan on the track
You ever notice that
Motherfuckin' count music
I ain't gon' keep tellin' you
You hear me,
Et je traverse le brouillard en Novembre
Plus rien à battre, quatre roues motrices
Pour tous les abattre j'apprends la notice
wonder if you're all but gone
I love you but I notice something wrong
The past is not only a place
I give you time and your space
So you can have all
You ever notice that's how this go?
Ain't it funny how the ones who can flex just don't
Well, I mean, maybe a little
But you know, they put
care if it hurts
I want to have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul
I want you to notice
When I'm not around

You're so fuckin'
weeks without notice?
I was dealing with some shit I had to figure out and focus
Yeah you hit me several times, you had no pride and seized the moment
and I ain't notice
Never thought that it would be my goddamn homie
Never thought that you would be that goddamn phony
Hurt real real bad real real bad
New ways to spend all my time
Some's gone and some doesn't feel right
I need a notice to stay and I don't think I'm gonna find it

You say you
don't really notice
You don't really know me
that's what I've been told
That I could be a better man
And I just gotta know

I will try to make you notice
I will try to let you know
That I always
Do everything just right
Make him notice
Cue the moon and stars
I wait outside the bar
In a nice dress

Maybe it just slipped his mind
Pacific Coast moving in the drop coast
You put your makeup on I gotta drive slow
I notice life I'm living left you heart broke
Also, mind over
Cahier des clauses
Définition du délai
Notice d'hygiène
Et de sécurité
Estimation du coût
Synthèse des études
Et conformité du projet
Assurance et

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