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A different recording from the version released on a single. Ritchie tracked the wah-wah guitar on afterwards and also the guitar at the end
of the night
And baby stopped out tonight
To many sing marks on her hearts
To do her any more harm
Baby's feeling sick
They tracked her down
And she tried
behind the gun

Well, three weeks it took I remember
Before I tracked the man down
And when I returned with the pris'nor
It was the talk of the town
You're everywhere I go
Won't leave me alone

Another highway
One more town
I tried to lose you
But you tracked me down
Like the moonlight
On a dark
Got way out of town, I thought
But sheriff tracked me down

they dragged me home
And the family sat me down
They kept me cuffed up and they roughed

But I tried to run from town
But her mother tracked me down
She said before I meet my maker,
Some mans gonna make an honest woman of my daughter
heroin, heroin
And never coming back, never coming back

I wish you lonely
Like the last tracked humpback whale
Chased by gunships from Bergen
A thousand lies descend
The women's tear-tracked cheeks
Still we'll dance them on and on
We can't stop now
Not now until we reach the dawn

Quick give us
of tide

And you're wise, you're wise
Rhythm and

Tracked houses
Square couches
Short legs and
Square shoulders

Pot holders
Aching soldiers
Your tank
Holy arcs tracked in the dark
The more I see, the less I look
Here's another name I took
Listen! In the early morning air

The remnants of their
Stay hungry, with desire
Stay hungry, you're alone

Be the hunter and the hunted, keep your target in your sight
Don't be side tracked
total willing isolation.
What will become the difference between the operator and the
Machine? Until complete automation leaves them obsolete.
our existence
Tracked the comets in the distance
But we're overcome with blindness
By an act of human kindness

We have ventured where
None have
 As he tracked him down to Tonsel Town 
 For Boise, Idaho 
 And the folks that queued up for Coogan 
 Now queued up for the end of a myth
I've smeared my heart on my sleeve
I've tagged my name on the wall
It's probably time for me to leave
Actin' big and talkin' small

I've tracked
this - don't say that
Your every move is logged and tracked
By the all oppressive eye
Spy satellites in friendly skies

The new American century
every night in his dreams.

his friends are gone, they got tracked by hungry hounds,
The rubies gone, that tower's spent all down.
Memories of blazin'
Strange days have found us
(I been a nobody, but now I get it in)
Strange days have tracked us down
(Nowhere to run, what I did is keep it wicked
we started out
Side-tracked falling far, we're back to the way we started again
Can't, can't compete now, we must keep dependence in our hearts
Smoke-ring afternoon
The sun in a sling
All come to meet her
On the record player
Sound tracked suffering
These were the days
Billy got out of prison but he wasn't right
Some like to drink or gamble, Billy liked to fight
He tracked back to his home state of Maryland
around him grew
He shouted up to the stormy heavens
He vowed he'd find them both and burn them through

He tracked them down where the ship was lying
It fell from midnight skies
It drummed on the galvanized
In the washroom, women tracked the rain
Up to the make up mirror
Liquid soap and grass
times than not, the ones you love are who you let down
We're chasing something big our parents never tracked down
The hardest part is looking back

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