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the flame towards the forest 
for the sake of being honest 
arc mapped in the long run 
tracked back to the source
the first fault wasn't yours

off course,
you never contact always side-tracked
Never intact always abstract
Never have na na na na ah
Think i'm playing
Think i'm playing
Think i'm playing
I'll be tracked
I cant risk for that minor set back

Hustle mode I get it
If you with it then let's go get it
Cant stop time still ticking
Get it off
tracked it by myself 
And I never needed anyone 
I still don't need no help yea 

By myself yea 
Still don't need no help yea 
Got no help yea 
Still don't
And took comfort in the fact that the miles I've tracked
Would get me through another day
I Started out no choices guns and horses
Born in a cowboys house
nasty as can food 
But you can't buy that
Don't let me get side tracked 
Love to spit 
Loose flames
Lou Kane 
Keep em in the pocket like loose change 
and get tracked down
Homie quan told em give that shit up toss the gat and he gave me a buck
Callin rico only nigga with bud
He with bitches and he living
August 14, 2147
All nations on high alert
Prepared for retaliation
Millions of lives have been sacrificed
But we have finally tracked them down with

I tracked you down to Melbourne through a couple of friends
And they told me you were doing just fine
And though I'm hoping and I'm praying, I
Y'all mfs stuck
Like a cul-de-sac yeah
I be focused on the goal
Y'all be getting side tracked
Cut off all you fucking lames
I'm on the right path
I bet he wished he had  not
Fox broke the rules and tracked you down
An escalator for your demise
just wanna fuck
Keep it on the low
Erase those tracked phone calls
Call me sancho i dont know
Thats why
Her instagram is popping huh
Thats why
Her partys
answered your call

Side tracked
Distracted from all of the pain that
I decided to take on
Drinking my feelings til' I can't feel anything

I just don't know
I sat down
Cuz the plan of the Lord had me tracked down
Wanted me to live upon the promise that don't back down
Now I'm, built upon the Christ as my
now im side tracked
Thinking aint no way that I could ever fight back
You could play your best play, it would never faze her
You could praise her
never had to back down 
If a nigga take something from me
GPS he getting tracked down 
Life is so damn lovely now 
I got that sack now 
Ayy every bitch I
I'm gonna get you on the right track babe
I'm gonna get you on the right track babe
Hold up! Did I back track that!
Hell yeah, yeah I back tracked that!
sure that I don't preach 
I just tracked my progress when I was at the beach
My progress reminding them they ain't stopping me
Plenty people talk stay so
he found his days
Taken up by purpose in place of rage
Tracked down his inner truth through troubled youth
And gave songs to those who caught
everyday in jail
Son of a bitch, there I will prepare my revenge
It's snowing, it's cold
But he can't stop to run
It's hard when you are
Tracked down with
Fast tracked backwards with coffin nails 

Hold your trophies on a pedestal 
The old veneer is right 
A parody of mistakes 
A different set of rules
a fashion
I run it up that's part of my passion
Everyday I wake up on a mission 
Gotta go get it yea I gotta have it
I tracked a pack in just caught it like
Double murder in South St. Louis
Two women were shot and killed just before noon today
FOX News Chris Regnier has more on how police 
Tracked down a person
Had to say this or I'd blow my Brians out
I put it all on the paypal
They tracked my car 
Already dipped like a
I ReNu
Let me

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