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tied and bound to be sent down
Then I broke loose, you weren't around
So I raised banks and trains until I tracked you down
Now look away, look away
low, it got me cheesin'
Blowin' numbers like trees, Big Meechin'
I'm droppin' good game on your big peaches
I just scope-tracked the trailer, free
we think we remain morally right but nothing is that pure 
Mankind's eyesight is too one tracked and our downfall is coming for sure 

But the thing
steps back
They say opposites attract
But they haven't tracked
In my heart shack

The opposite of white
Isn't white but rainbow blood
This house is
be all right
Running getting high, staying tracked by sleepless nights

And I'm thinking, just another breath.
Not a minute left. I feel there's
Salt of the Earth, my friend
It's all that we are in the end
Well, you tracked down all the lines you drew
And I can take the hit but I'm sorry, I
A lot of cash, five hundred eighty grand
Buried in the woods
In sixteen ammo cans

Changed his pants and shirt
Washed his hands and face
He tracked
I've reached the final count tonight 
I have tracked you down through the tears that I have cried 
Spent a long time waiting for you 
But that's
dared to see
On the banks of the coastline
I tracked a bleeding loved one
His blood was mingling
And the saltiest of waters
'cause apparently they
If I had a dollar for every time he tracked his dirty feet
Across my clean kitchen floor
I'd be like those girls in the magazines
I wouldn't be
didn't have no kind of soul. 
The office put me on his case 
And I tracked him down right away. 
Now he's a deejay on a radio show 
A station that
and sound tracked waves of fun

And so I give myself away, to everybody everyday
And so I give myself to you, and you need it more than I do
And so I give
on the run from the law?
He killed a girl in Memphis and ran 'till the dogs tracked him down.
They shot him by the river and as he lay dying in the mud,
this. this is where we got off quiet calm hanging from dull needles in the air. dirty rubber souls tracked behind us the faint trace of suspicion
tied and bound to be sent down
Then I broke loose, you weren't around
So I raised banks and trains until I tracked you down
Now look away, look away
the evil in my past
But New York is not scorned so easy
Iceman tracked me down at last

Oh, oh, oh, oh, Voodoo City
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Voodoo world
Oh, oh, oh,
know why
My heart just died
I realized that it could never be

Circumstance and broken dreams 
Like satellites with laser beams from above
A-ma a-ma
a-ma-sa doo-sa (2x this line)
a-ma-sa doo-sa da
a-ma a-ma
a-ma-sa doo-sa (2x this line)
a-ma-sa doo-sa
and the timber wolf did cry
But they tracked me down and I'm 'Frisco bound, I've made my final run
It's the end of the line for the Restless One.
Been together four years and had five kids
So we did the right thing and finally got hitched
We tracked down the preacher after altar call
you are old man keep running
I tracked you down by the look in the eyes
Of a thousand gone faces pressed against their windows 
Horses hiding in
waiting, crash into me real hard

Driving fast in your car
I've got you tracked on my radar, oh

It's just such a trip, how you're still my speed racer
have gone black,
you'll never look back
You'll never stop swimming, you'll always be tracked

Your life has transformed, your power has grown
microphone clean-cut
Prophetical, tell it how I told it
Wrote it, tracked it, packaged it, sold it


I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta

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