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Side tracked
Side tracked
Side tracked
Side tracked
There was a time when I was young and blind
Could not see 'cause of my one tracked mind
There was a time when I was betting high
Too many things to do before we die
Drowns vagabond who sleeps too low
Me and my companion, famous Jack O'Lanterns
Tracked the misty mountain through the snow
Caught, tracked, turned my back
Caught, tracked, turned my back
A-ma a-ma
a-ma-sa doo-sa (2x this line)
a-ma-sa doo-sa da
a-ma a-ma
a-ma-sa doo-sa (2x this line)
a-ma-sa doo-sa da
On my shoulder now
This is confession time for me
Here comes confession time
The ghost of all
The years has tracked me down
It's confession time for me
Now thinking back to a home
When you had one
Back down the road
In the dust yo
A-ma a-ma
a-ma-sa doo-sa (2x this line)
a-ma-sa doo-sa da
a-ma a-ma
a-ma-sa doo-sa (2x this line)
a-ma-sa doo-sa da
man's life where he gotta make a change. Try to move up to the next level. And that day I came and I tracked the beat and I got to meet Jay-Z and he said, "Oh you a real soulful dude."
I met you wild in a snowed up town
Where I was waiting tied and bound to be sent down
Then I broke loose, you weren't around
So I raised banks and trains until I tracked you down
Now look away, look away
Hide your eyes from the land where I lie cold
Look away, look away
From the lies in the stories that were told
Look away, look away
From th
If I hadn't stayed so long
And merely parked my dusty boots outside your door
Tracked no footprints 'cross your polished hardwood floor
Holy arcs tracked in the dark
The more I see, the less I look
Here's another name I took
And press your hand to your heart 
 Big Mac is asking the questions 
 And this is only the start 
 Now Mac came on hot and noisy 
 In his search for old Uncle Joe 
 As he tracked him down to Tonsel Town 
 For Boise, Idaho 
 And the folks that queued up for Coogan 
 Now queued up for the end of a myth 
 To sit open-mouthed at the newsreel 
 The night t
One that got away came and tracked me down
What she had in mind, one for finer times
She always used to move me that way
She said
I've reached the final count tonight 
I have tracked you down through the tears that I have cried 
Spent a long time waiting for you
It fell from midnight skies
It drummed on the galvanized
In the washroom, women tracked the rain
Up to the make-up mirror
Liquid soap and grass
And Jungle Gardenia crash
A month ago outside of town we tracked and never found him
Be the hunter and the hunted, keep your target in your sight
Don't be side tracked or shunted, let pretenders feel your bite
And if you start to slide never show you're weak
They would not go out in the rain
It was not me who tracked that mud across the floor
I don't know how I can explain
For years my shoes have been my friends
Like a tiger you hunted and tracked me down
Savaged my soul and took over control
And then when you'd used all the love you found
A simple sick device devised to overload on love
To bring us colored dreams and sound tracked waves of fun

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