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to the light from a burned out star
Put your lights on, put down your crosses
It's time to tally up your wins and your losses
They go one for Scott La Rock

Though I deserve to be with you by any rational measure
I also know love's not about staring at a ledger
And keeping score with tally marks
up to the light
There comes a time of forgiving
To fearlessly tally your scars
Of all of the times we have lived through
Now this one is better by
He called it the big tally book
In it were many names
And each name was branded with pure gold
I began to read some of them as I turned the pages
I took myself down to the Tally Ho Tavern,
To buy me a bottle of beer.
And I sat me down by a tender young maiden,
Who's eyes were as dark as her
Hey, you even took out Sally 
Who lives across the alley 
Oh I've been keepin' a tally, honey chile 

You're like the grapes upon the vine
The horse is standin' in the chute then he bucks around
The whistle blows then you're standin' on the ground
The judges total their markings and they tally
a blood-curdling "tally-ho"
She charged into the ranks
And blessed all those grandmas who
With their dying breaths screamed, "Thanks!"

Me, I'm just waiting so
but your dad won't let you go
He's to tally blind, babbling wild, and he rages and he blows

"I don't want you boy to live my house this way!
Lines tally themselves at my eyes
A gift of time and years of laughter
My age is my virtue

My lips a little crooked when they slide in a smile
tallies but there's no judge to pay the debts
Our judge is dead but one must reside to bring down judgment

This is my call from the kingdom
And I will
Billowing hills
Shoulders of steel
Hide behind faces of glass

The street light valleys
The midnight tallies
Recollections of our past
Yeah, RA
(You know what time it is)
Krept, Tally
Mad ting, sad ting
Been real (maniac, cool)
(My brudda)
Greazy ting
(Play Dirty)
Some say we the next generation, but we lack education
Hanging with the crew of devastation
Yeah but we one nation ball
Tally ho and away we go, see
pulling triggers, niggas killing niggaz
five-o they sit and wait and tally death-toll figures
it's crazy there ain't no time to really chill
got kicked out of the morgue
Spit cattle manure shit, shit, rally the Horsemen
Tally the corpses
Half of this morning and most of last night
I've been taking tally on the last years of my life
I've been pretty righteous but God only knows
paradise here,
After two hundred years?

So now, beneath the Southern Cross
It's time to tally up the cost
Of what we've gained and what we've lost forever
on your lips

In every war there will be casualties
Even family members and best friends bleed
Another tally on the body count
So how many more until we're
me darling I need you to take me home
But I know in the end redemption is mine and mine alone

So if each of us is made of a tally of mistakes
Workin' Friday night down at the Alley
We're open late twelve lanes, no wait, you tally
She walked right in, said with a grin
"I'll take lane 11,
concerned as election time nears

Two sets of laws for the rich and the poor
Look at the prisons and tally the score
Black man's chance of prison one in four
Moving in slow like the smoke from your cigarette, 
Every step a closer's a step that we both will regret, 
Keeping a tally, but who can keep
lies more alibis
From the truth, I admit I'm more than shy
Ain't it the times we are living in
Everybody's doing it so why can't I?

I tally up

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