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in Romanian Greek
Guard the tally, your finale in the street
Mothafucka, I still rule the valley (what nigga?)

Chorus X2

Sufferin little
the way I want to tally a sum 

Ah-yo I sneakfully snuck up from behind and got you 
From over there in them bushes, I chilled and watched you 
and beats my wife Cheeks
 So I gots to tally up and get it on
 get it on, word is born,
 shit is on, shit is on
 I must represent for my fam
 real niggas
called 411 pain, dammit man
Let's go to jamaica for sean paul
Then take it to tally for T-Pain
Mami move that ass like chitty chitty bang bang
and every alley sellin' crack
And every time diggin' hairier
Every Kim, Sue, Sally, til I tally up
A big enough knot to buy me a yacht
So then my pistols
y'all niggas, all into the new swing
Ah, tally it up, rally it up
From the streets to the alley, from the Eastern Cali and up
I'm talking dope, all
a valley 
I'm the cat, from the alley, from the back, I'ma rally 
And tally up points, rollin joints, risin to the tops 
Somewhat of a playwright, 'cause
a pound
So when the last time you heard that, yeah we really made for this
So go and send the word back
Right about now, time to tally up a staple
the tally, bitch
You know, be a witch; save your pants
Get inside your head
Remind you who you fucking with 

It's the baddest witch 
Don't it just hurt
to war we can tally it up 
Escalate and venally it up, what? 


If you like Sheek, you hold heat and no one know 
Bust yo' gun
As I sit back and say, tally-ho!
One of these days your punk ass gonna go
Guess you had a key to figure the fucking flow
But you're locked out,
declare war
And when the battle's done, tally up the score
So bear ya arms, grab ya Lucky Charms
Or get direct hits from Napalm Bombs

Feel it
that you don't see every day
It's a beast, just as tall as a mountain,
We won't rest 'till he's good and deceased
Steady fourth, tally ho! Grab your
Free thinkin' first
Then comparin' notes
With the ones that you wrote
I don't live for votes
I tally my own quotes
You rally in the alley with your
guns, big cars and all

Rock tally on the floor, at the Monster's Ball

Underdawgz, U.D,'s, the unsung heroes
From the 718 to the 310

Gal plus yuh got di brain dem caan trick it
Finally, my tally, yuh a di numba one gal pon it
Buff it up, cau girl yuh a di orda of di day, dat's,
the box by the pair-em
High strung, my tongue got moves like Fred Astaire
Tally racker, I'm dapper, the rootin tootin rapper
I diggity-drops the funk so you
count 'em out too soon
Let 'em hit the mat then pick 'em up on two
Suffer, pain, hurt, you're through
Over, done, body count tally
Last call move
the consequences 
The bigger the sack, the bigger the sentence 
No time for repentance, put it down 
count the stripes that I tally 
Runnin' backstreets
a soldier relate to that
Now I'm marchin' down the alley eatin' rallyes 
How many motherfuckers that try we need a tally
Now we bluntin' there mind
Wakin' up with a hangover 2,000 miles away
It seems easy: weed, women, and wine
Four hours of sleep is all you get - now it's time
To tally hoe
blow herbs
when we tally hoe
daddy go
that's when my niggas say boom boom crack boom boom
that's what the trigger say

what I deliever
for mines
(Tally up mufuckas)
Whether corrupt or legal
My sinister mindstate be like Dr. No
How would you know
The IQ's above the norm of the average
to state (shit)
No work, no food still eatin' off paper plates
Banana clip is a paper weight, paper mate
Tally how you're married to the game
She fuckin'

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