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by the sky
Years had come and gone and my desire with them
A caged perpetuation of hope
A tally kept upon my body of days I care not to know
tally mark
Into our skin
I know how to split my wrists like a battlefield too
But the time has come for us to
Reclaim our bodies
Our bodies deserve
200 K from another M, nigga, tally that
Tally that, 400k in a fanny pack
Spent 20 out of that and get your baby daddy whacked (oh ohh)
Sneak diss
Catlong sighs holding kitty's black tooth
She left to marry some top cat, ain't it the cold truth
And there hasn't been a tally since Sally left
Rally the warriors, tally the score
In every victory is solace

But there's no satisfaction
No satisfaction
There is no satisfaction
There is no
to the radio, its better than the stereo
We listen to the radio, tally-ho off we go
Listen to the radio, dancing to the radio
Listen to the radio, turn it off,

Get down to business
I think it's time I paid a little visit
To my run down neighborhood cemetery
To tally up the people I buried
57, 58, 59,
to sink a slug in Elliots chest
Just taste on that it's Black you can tally up that
You never knew that fate cut you until your belly was wet
New Delian cat
tryin' to sink a slug in Elliots chest
Just taste on that it's Black you can tally up that
You never knew that fate cut you until your belly was wet
of the Baphomet unraveling
Either way his ID show a snake and skull
Always been a private dude who couldn't keep a tally
Of which lies he told who
Dye his hair,
and there's still bills to tally
We keep chippin' away, chippin' away, oh

Slidin' along with the bouquinistes, Baldwin and Brecht and the distance between
the back alleys, to the Cali valleys 
EPMD in effect, chilling as the scans tally
in the paddy wagon tally Benz
And you know I put the mags on that
.45 mack with the flash on that
Who want it
Everybody sing along

[Chorus: x2]
tripped me, 
Rounded the corner, 
Homework flying as I go, 
Neighbor shouted "tally ho!" 
And gave a standing O. 

Lept across three lawn flamingos, 
the "Sexy Back" like Timbaland and Timberlake
Spitting like a calico, kush from a Cali hoe
Tell that joker "tally ho", put shots in that Denali, yo
RZA you
to bring the 'Sexy Back' with Timbaland and Timberlake

Spittin' like a calico, kush from a Cali hoe
Tell that joker, "Tally ho", put shots in that Denali yo
Glas mit Hennessy
Bruder, wir wollen mehr verdienen, Bruder, wir sind Champions League
Ich fick' Huren in Tally Weijl
Baller' Kugeln wie Gareth Bale,
The spirit of our liberty 
Total my debts, tally my sins, charge each offence on my scroll 
I'll never alter the course of my steele, I am the king of my
and tally hoe the plow/
'Cause 'ima gonna grow a woman from the ground/
the night was a cahlk board with a fingetr nali moon/ 
and the fish aint dead
Moving slow like the smoke from your cigarette
Every step closer's a step that we both will regret
Keeping a tally but who could keep track
the Farasauno 
We swimmin with these sharks, yo I raked body guard 
Stamp my initial in your birthmark, P.L.O 
Plus like a calico, tally ho 
Black expo,
Word to the tally hope my hammer clap, more than a lil' bit
You fuckin with lil' bitches I'm fuckin with grown women

And fuck if they golddiggin,
all up
Tally up the total put it on us, on us
Let God be the judge
If you lyin' better run
Boy I ride with the Son
So I ain't worry about none
though, truck loads of indo
Soon to blow slow, his ass is out now, tally-hoe

Yo why's my niggas always yellin' that broke shit
Let's get money Son, now you

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