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for mines
(Tally up mufuckas)
Whether corrupt or legal
My sinister mindstate be like Dr. No
How would you know
The IQ's above the norm of the average
double back, and tally that
When shit go down, don't expect me to run
Never forget dun, two guns, is better than one

[Royce Da 5'9"]
This money is
Innocence, Magic, Iron & Stone 
I'm The King Of The Dead, With One Foot In Hell 
Awaiting To Greet The "Red Turd Upon The Horse Shouting Tally Ho!"
Select paper and invade all the illest niggas
Tally up pen, yo, Live Crew meetin'
Layin' in the lab with rolls o' fly mo-e ho
All niggas eatin'
Select paper and invade all the illest niggas
Tally up pen, yo, Live Crew meetin'
Layin' in the lab with rolls o' fly mo-e ho
All niggas eatin' (WOAH!
Double dare ante up
Tally ho ah
Lights down lights up
Merry woe ah
Super duper fly
Super naturalle ah
Hips in a twist
Thighs in a roll ah
Plaquage au sol, Jonah Lomu
Tu fais l'Zoulou, tu veux m'allumer?
Tu vas finir sous aluminium
Niarry Tally, ma première au bled, salam au gang
the emoji rocket how I'm outta here
A lot of em' sound like they in a talent show
So I give 'em something to remember like the Alamo
Tally-ho! A high Joker
the streets
Bald-headed, baggy clothes, on the 6-4's
Barbecues, drinking 4-0's, tally hoe
You know how it's done in the city
The sun flows control, Mr. Shadow
wrists but I don't tally the meaning
You keep forgetting the plot, let alone the long sleeps
My eyes, they only know three words and each is pronounced
that you don't see every day
It's a beast, just as tall as a mountain,
We won't rest 'till he's good and deceased
Steady fourth, tally ho! Grab your
is ? health yes
Eh, the flow is two degree Celcius
Sido, can you show the German hoes where my tally is?

Who gon' stop us?
Who gon' touch us?
Mr. Worldwide! (hey)
Miami, T-pain, Tally (hey, hey, hey)
Sean Paul, Jamaica (hey)
Ludacris, ATL (hey)
Now lets show the whole world (hey)
tally the sales, like Gladys and Patty LaBelle
I'm a big wig, my straws in the hole of a volcano I'm havin a big swig

Everybody wanna believe me
Zsa, to yibbedy-yabba dabba hoochie koochie
Tally ho I-I'll take my Stove Top instead of potatoes, so
Maybe I'll shoot 'em now, nope maybe I'll shoot
shit is complementing my salary 
Complementary balance, told 'em what we tally 
Spinning like it's ballet and I touched the budget ballot (Boss) 
up, come on (come on)
Have me come for

One, two look at the tally they drew my picture with Bob Marley
They probably want to kill me will
Terrorists and those who tally up the data
What matters most is they can boast
But scatter when toast is close
Burners pressed to your throat you ghost
a bike but I ride on the back
Rob wit a gat, shit I still ride wit my craps
If you want to go to war we can tally it up
Escalate and venally it up,
gon' do now?
Be stressed, psych we blessed to travel peaks and valleys
Allah Subhanwatallah is keeping the tallies of life's test
So reverence your
to tally up and get it on
 get it on, word is born,
 shit is on, shit is on
 I must represent for my fam
 real niggas get rich and Bitch niggas scram
boo, how are you?"
Yeah, cool, now tally-o your ass back across the room
You see me with Pocahontas
I ain't tryin to be honorary but honestly I ain't
the brain
And if I was cocaine believe it I'm your main
Tally up it's the Lost Boyz crew an
Freaky Tah, Spigg Nice and Pretty Lou

And it's the lifestyles
And any moment I have you staring the barrel of my gun
Put my dick up in the streets but I'm married to the slums
Put the chips up in the ante and tally up

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