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on that bitch it got good aim
Choppa make a nigga do the rain dance
Feel like I'm Thug, all YSL tell by the smell
45 pints, all of it Wok, came through
seen rain, my spittle cannot fly
Dad can't keep taking care of business, taking care of business

We'll dance to make it rain
And then we'll maybe
Base camp, space camp
Bass in your face fuck, brace for the rain dance
Back in the back of the classroom
After a magical nap in a vacuum

happen when the bomb drops Down
Don't make sound, yes
'Cause the dance floor's a desert and the dancers are parched
Do a rain dance and your brain's
turned into rain
So many lessons I was learning through pain
Rain dance

When I was younger I was all about the ladies
Quick to do them wrong, even
to heart
Every time beginning again from the start

Lend me a hand, here on these dark days
We'll dig in the soil and we'll dance for the rain
Well I
But I spent about 8 grand
Mami on stage doin’ the rain dance
She let it hit the floor, made it pop
Got my pedal to the floor screamin’, “F*** the cops!”
I spent bout 8 grand
Mami on stage doing the rain dance (I think she like me)
She let it hit the floor, made it pop (What else?)
Got my pedal
But I did a dance to make it rain
And it just overflowed the drains ooh

Hold me close and let me know
I'm not alone for once
Hold me close
a spiritual wealth
When we dance through the rain
And form the signs once again
If even for a second

I hear a voice on the air
It has a warning to share
amateur pole dancin'
Come and get this cash from me, they call me 'Rain Man'
She tried to rain dance, money so long, it will drown you, girl
Buried under
When all the dames glance, he's doin the rain dance
Because the whole world is 'bout to be a Strangeland

Gettin paid was the gameplan
But the lane
, dance, dance, never stop till you say you love me so



Rain, rain, rain
me here
Now I don't know how
You came into my life wonderin' will you be my wife
Spend a day or two in Spain or France
In the rain will dance
a four leaf clover?
Anyway you end, you end anyway

I pray for the rain
And then I start to dance insane
Won't you follow me then?

This one's for
But I spent bout 8 grand
Mami on stage doing the rain dance (I think she like me)
She let it hit the floor, made it pop (What else?)
Got my
and the hot sunlight, yeah

And I dance in the rain, dive in the pool of life
Wash away the poison
And I dance through this pain, my body in a starless
I won't run
When the sky turns to flame
And I sure won't budge
When the earth does shake
When the flood comes up
I will dance in the rain
'Cause it's
looking for myself

It rains all day when you're not around
And I'm trying my best to come clean with the clouds
They follow me around
I'll dance 'til
me Rain Man
Money like a shower, that's my rain dance
And we all in black, like it's Gangland
Say the wrong word, you be hangman
Watch me stick
When this young man comes rolling home
The lamp posts move and in the road
I sing and dance in falling rain
It's good to be back home again
your hair five times a week
You can change your name
Get a little bit crazy
You can dance in the rain
Rockin' secondhand chic
But I live for the day
Come to my house tonight
We can be together in the nuclear sky
And we will dance in the poison rain
And we can stay a while in Heaven today
the world as it passes by
Or you can make it stop for you

You can stay at home or brave a storm
When the blizzard blows
You can dance around in the rain

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