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Don't nobody wanna dance slow in the rain
Just move your ass, just move your ass
Don't nobody wanna liberate the weight of the pain
Just move your ass,
Don't you cry for me
Don't give your life for me
All the passion and the pain
Sunshine through the rain

Don't you dance for me
Take some new
Come to my house tonight
We can be together in the nuclear sky
And we will dance in the poison rain
And we can stay a while in Heaven today
well the snow would fall
And we'd deck the halls and the candy canes they
Would fall like rain and you'd dance under the tree
With me just two more days
of you shines
So put your face to my window trust what you see inside

What are these hands for if I can't bring you fallen rain?
What are these eyes for
The devil'll dance to make it rain
Bringing the pain
Walk through the puddles of struggle on flooded streets
Soakin' wet, but mastered the art of peace
The hard rain hits everyone
Working for the week and living to the beat.
Dance this world away - dance this world away - . . .
Dance this world away - dance
for you
I got love, got love, got love for you

Wake up in the morning, full of rain
She dance into the room like a hurricane oh why
right in your face
Play this a lot smarter

{Joe Mafia}
Low avalanche, wobblely stance, ask for rain dance
We the same cats blazing your lab
You'd better dance a dance to make the rain come down
If you want to be a star, oh my my life

My Life (brother you know)
Sure ain't been too easy
You'd better dance a dance to make the rain come down
If you want to be a star, oh my my life

My Life (brother you know)
Sure ain't been too easy
Baby make it rain when I'm dancing
Baby make it rain when I dance
Waah yuh put it pon meeee
Ooh waah yuh put it pon me
Ooh waah yuh put it pon
lingers even when you're not there

And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two hour bath
And how you convinced me to dance
I had a chance
I'd stand in line in freezing rain just to watch you dance
I thought you knew my name, I thought you liked my face
I held your coat,
Whoaooo your thoughts are gonna lift me up 
Do you know, its good to want to much, much 
Oh you make me dance in the rain 
And oh I want to love once
wish that the sun would come and stay
This is a song for rainy days

Let's go dance around in the rain
Don't pay any attention to the people staring from
Let your car run
And if it starts to rain
Keep on dancin' in the rain
And if it's all night, it's alright

Dance on (you know it's alright)
Gypsy queen
The song

And here we are leaving each other
Wandering around haunted like rain

And why do we dance in sadness?
And why do we hold it in?
Why do we
don't come, then the change won't come
If the bands make 'em dance, then the rain gon' come

Am I passin' into the light?
(Am I looking into
at the fear is going insane
Forgiving the fear is one up on Cane
Is to dance with the tiger
And laugh at the rain

Don't give me your life, I have one
the rain dance (i think she like me) 
She let it hit the floor, made it pop (what else !?) 
Got my pedal to the floor screamin fuck the cops(do it!) 

Them belly full but we hungry
A hungry mob is an angry mob
A rain a fall but the dirt it tough
A pot a cook but the food no 'nough

You're gonna
There's a bar that I know well there.
You can drink and breathe in the sea air,
Lay in the sun and dance in the rain.
The kind of place where everyone knows
Romance is a slow dance 
To a sound as sweet as rain 
It?s a new song you never heard before 
Unfolding to you both the same 

It takes time but

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