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the world as it passes by
Or you can make it stop for you

You can stay at home or brave a storm
When the blizzard blows
You can dance around in the rain
lord her loving eyes
Cast in ripples 'neath the sun without a sound
And she never spreaded sky
As her children dance along the rain washed ground
insha'Allah if I gotta (woo)
Spin my words around as if you wanted a mandala, for Nirvana
Singin' a sonata towards our karma
Did a rain dance, bringin'
convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts
When you've seen it a million times?
Does he sing to all your music
While you dance to Purple Rain?
Toxic waste rises to the heavens
Burning rain on a burial ground
Long dead corpse crawling to the surface
To do his dance
On a burial mound
Never waste a breath
We're all moving south

Pray this weather cycles
Pray and dance for rain
Faith in moving mountains
Faith died
dance, rain dancing
Rich boy, play dazing
I can be raw let you ride here
Baby I'm slowly dying
Keeping your thoughts inside me
Keeping your thoughts
And I look out the window where the sky falls down in rain
And I look across the river where they dance the night away

Dance the night away
time we say good bye
I swear it starts to rain

そろそろ oh-we gonna dance
まるで flyin' London to France
Everyday never change
綺麗だ just the way you are
You're unbreakable

We're gonna scream on rooftops
Dance in the rain
We'll open up our hearts
Yeah, forget the pain
And they can call us
Seen the fallen man
To dope and liquor brands
The devil'll dance to make it rain
Bringing the pain
Walk through the puddles of struggle
We played the liberation game
They gave a war - someone came
We dropped the torch... easy
Let's all go down and dance in the rain
Anything could
of the rain

How ever fast I dance to make the sun shine
I will never fall down
No matter what it takes, I'll try to save the ghost lights
How ever hard I
pull you from me, my body burns
Tell me all the rainbows
The colors that the rain throws
Ballerina, dance softly
She knows when to come only
danced, I looked, yes I danced

I danced till my fears washed away
Then I thanked the rain for coming, today
So I could dance in the rain 
And let my
no Nike's 
Just a pair of Margiella, 
Get a broad tell her rain dance for this paper 
Better get an umbrella 
Yeah, had guns like an arms dealer,
Have you met my friend, 
He says his name is Tim, 
Take him home and kill him.
Dances in rain in the garden.
He's laughing with his membranes all
my heart
Seen the fallen man
To dope and liquor brands
The devil'll dance to make it rain
Bringing the pain
Walk through the puddles of struggle
'em rain dance

Lay hands like Mike Strahand
Puttin' ya face and hands in Ace bands
Tryin' to lift more than ya waistband

I travel every shinin' sea,
Mami on stage doin the rain dance (I think she like me) 
She let it hit the floor, made it pop (What Else !?) 
Got my pedal to the floor screamin fuck
insane, dance in snowy rain
Even drink champagne
Baby, I can't wait to be alone and celebrate

Holiday, celebrate, making out with my babe
Holiday, in
What's not to like 'bout this new love thing?
Midnight kisses, slow dances in the rain
But you got my heart beating fast
Where this is going,
on on it
Get on on it
Get on on it
Basement Jaxx
Ooh c'mon
Put your umbrellas down
Put em down 
Put em down
Now dance through the rain drops

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