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dress it on up or you can just hang out
Kick it on Broadway or kick back on the couch
You can dance on a bar, you can dance in the rain
Shotgun a beer,
as Missy
Back to back LP's that sound the same, I surround the game
With a four-pounded brainstorm
To make niggas dance in the rain, scared to take a chance
andern anders sein

Would you dance with rain
Till' the sky goes grey
Ey ey
Wont stop us as long as there is solid ground,
Will stay
Ey ey

A hungry mob is a angry mob
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough,
A pot a-cook but the food na 'nough

We're going to dance to Jah music, dance
I smoke a cigarette
As I wait in the bath
And I wait for you 
For an hour and a half
And I go to the window 
Where the sky falls down in rains
And I...
So where do we go from here now?
I dance and pray
I dance and pray for rain
To wipe this Earth out once again
Extend those forty days
Now that the rain is gone we're gonna dance in o a rainbow!

It's time to celebrate
(Come on, yeah)
Come on and celebrate
(Time to celebrate)
I wanna
and it's right by water
I'm the Trap God and I walk on water

G-Gucci Mane I'm the water man
Make it rain, do the water dance
Water dripping like

We will dance
When the sun is shining
In the pouring rain
We'll spin and we'll sway
And we will dance
When the gentle breeze
Becomes a hurricane
wild striped to the raw veins
Rugged junkyard dog off the chain, barefoot balls out marching in the rain
Sacred war dance suspended in the moment
dance in the mud
It's slippery, show me all you buckery
Let's dance in the rain, keep dancing
Nothing unusual about it
You're just a regular guy,
n****s dance in the rain, scared to take a chance in the game
Used to breakdance, it's a shame
What money do to a n**** brain
If he lose his soul what
Them belly full but we hungry 
A hungry mob is an angry mob 
A rain a-fall but the dirt it tough 
A pot a-cook but the food no â??nough 
Give me one more hit of it 'cause this love be the bomb

It came down on me like a rain storm,
Glissens and dances
Drippin like dew drops from
Don't forget about the days when we would dance in the rain
Just keep your head up high and keep on looking towards the sky
Vegas ain't too far I
all gonna dance
as soon as the rain comes down
as soon as the rain comes down

They worked so hard
to make their ends meet
they dream of storms
Headphones, downtown train, outside in the rain
In my shotgun seat right beside me
Country rock and roll, hip hop throwback soul
Cross the kitchen
A romantic moonlight
Like white clouds and blue skies
She's got diamonds in her eyes
My rainbow after the rain
She's my joy after the pain
Kisses in the Rain,
A chance that we might meet for Kisses in the Rain,
Trying to find the heat that left long ago,
And left us with so much pain,
It's gonna rain, yeah yeah

Cause living water we desire,
to flood our hearts with holy fire

Rain down, all around the world we're singing
gon' give my chain back?"
That'll be the same day I give the game back
You know the next question dog, "Yo where Dame at?"
This track the Indian dance
destructive lows
Words that fly too fast
Feet that move too slow
Wish I could dance outside this windowpane
Oh, I wish I were the rain

Cause it
Unless we're dancing in the rain
And then my dance is an Ali dance 
Cuts as sharp as a blow, showboat what I wrote
And sugar-coat the globe and collect
They came from the hills
And they came from the valleys and the plains
They struggled in the cold
In the heat and the snow and in the rain

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