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Grenades, silencers, sterlings that blast
To Linden, the sweeper to murder yo' ass
You doubted my niggaz (WORD) now we up
Yeah, you musta been wildin - we..
miss my cousin Lance look out for him
I love him,he died so young you musta had a place for him
My Uncle Kevin, the family miss him
He in Heaven, I
what she was after
She musta seen them on TV

She's my
Actress, model, dancer, whatever
I've been watching you
I've been wanting you
as a white Iris
When the absolute began, I don't know where I was
I musta just been a piece of micro dust
That's why I the fuck love mics so much
My micro,
I got here
It felt so right, but it was wrong
I know that I've stayed too long
I think I musta drank hundred beers
Well now I wished I had only
musta picked her up when I left the bar
Ya know I'm horny homey man I wanted to chill
But you know how mothers are, she wanted to ill
So I said, "Hey baby
Ever since my eyes open,
I musta really sell dope in,
The 6-9 Village of East Oakland,
My dad would come back,
But that fool vamp,
you hear the muzik?? 
That's jankie as fuck, 
He musta been off the fluid, 
Niggaz steadily tryin' to take shit from the next man, 
Don't playa
was born 
Musta been my destiny 
Blast to the face so they won't get the best of me 
To make a big fat grip (grip) 
Land of the, sunshine, Tek 9, we
If I had the power,I would reach into your mind and try to find the answers
That your heart could never find
You see I'm only human,I musta
Now if I ain't at the bar then I musta bounced 'cause JR I 

like my liquor in large amounts
Just like I like my woman in large amounts
Wit real tight
as a white Iris
When the absolute began, I don't know where I was
I musta just been a piece of micro dust
That's why I the fuck love mics so much
My micro,
gigglin smilin and jokin wit homes
Like they use to hang out real real tough
He musta had a strong rap cause Jasmine looked gased up
Sittin there played
damn my man keep bumpin' my back 
Get you some rhythm, musta just got outta prison 
Skippin' the kid but you with him 
Do the walk say, â??FUCK
somethin' to do know that
Plus your mental fit the description of how a hoe acts
It musta been the life in the fast lane
'Cause you was overwhelmed with
the movies, south notch cutie
Used to go to Harrah with D after the homecomin'
On my way from Kakalaka
Me and Merse was gun running
Musta done something all
Must'a been God, my bedroom angel taken
Lovin the curves as you purr while I'm stroking
Grabbin ya hair, don't'cha dare shed a tear
You a good girl,
I'm ready to
If you stop to take a breather, see that I'm light years ahead of you

y'all musta thought y'all wasn't gonna have to see me or somethin'
when you come at me with buster shit
All that graf given driven so I musta hit
Bought a Jag, chillin on the Shore just to dip
Get it right, cause I
eggs, cause Santa was frontin
He musta thought it was Passover
Cause he never brought his ass over
My house, but today I get new clothes anyway
A medicine man I met 
Said don't get yourself in a sweat 
When things look gray, 
Just shrug and say: 
"It musta been somethin' I et!" 
to the other side
With my encyclopedia
They musta paid her a nice price
She's puttin' on her string bean love
This is not really happening
You bet your life it
And kiss them bitches goodnight - they musta saw somethin'
Cause the Benz busted you and came at us firin' shots
I threw the revolver, grabbed
a bop, just like his pops
He wore his cap to the back coz he seen his Dad do that
Musta had his ear to the door cause he heard his mom's moan

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